Saturday, September 14, 2013

July-We are free! Part 1

This month always reminds us of how truly free we are...We are so grateful to the men who have sacrificed in ways we could never understand for us to enjoy the freedoms we do.  We are so very blessed to be Americans!

 We have gotten to spend lots of time with the Laytons this summer...lots changing in their lives..and ours.  It has been good to be together and lean on each other!

Preparing for our big Fourth of July show!!

 Caleb is ready.......

 This year we had more people than blessed to have family and friends to celebrate with!

 Here are a few faces enjoying the firework show outside.....

 ..and a few faces enjoying them on the inside!!!

 Time for sparklers....
 What a fun night it was!!!!

 Roller skating and ski ball with the Herrings!

 Mammi asked if the girls could spend the night one night in July and they were busy little bees....
The next morning they invited all the ladies of the family to a brunch and they served US!!  Thank you, Mammi, for always thinking of others and passing this on to our girls! 
Such a precious morning!!

 After the brunch, sweet April, sat on the floor for over an hour and helped these girls put together the race track for the boys!  So patient!
 My kiddos (plus Malia) helping in the kitchen...

 Caroline and Mariana showing us some of their VBS songs...
 My boys in their handsome!!
The "amazing wonder" girls....vbs stylin...

 Sleepover with cousins....morning shot!!

 Our (very hot) visit to Cheekwood to see the Tree houses! 

Wow...summer is just flying by!!!

June-Heatin' it up! Part 2

And more summer fun keeps coming!!
Potty training begins!!!

 More friends....

Even North Carolina friends come for a visit!! My sweet high school friend, Angie Hienrich, and her three children!
Swimming lessons with "Miss" Glenda again...

 Sweet Sofia and her pink "hat"!

Price and Caleb took swim lessons for the first time with Sweetman Swim.  This is a program that teaches life safety skills.  They were tough on the boys, but I am so glad we did it!
 Gavin and Jennifer get married... they asked Daddy to perform the wedding (Daddy's second!  He performed Ashley and Kevin's, too!)
 And you girls, got to be the flower we are at rehearsal.

 Our pretty girls with Gavin!
 Officially, Mr. and Mrs. Gavin Dowlen

 Celebrating on the dance floor!!
And crashing, too!!
 Caitlyn, you got to go to Creeekside horse camp again.  How you love horses!!  Such a fun week for you!

Mimi and Papa like to host Father's Day...what a wonderful time to honor the amazing Father's in our life!!


 Caitlyn, you  had been growing your hair out now for several years for Locks of Love...a company that makes wigs for girls or women with cancer.  We were so very proud of you!
Whew...what a month!  We made it!! On to July..........