Friday, September 13, 2013

February- Love makes the world go round!-part 2

Mid February brought our dear friends, the Kennedys to see us!! The last time they were here, they only had one son, Will.   Now there family of three is a family of five!!
 We were so tickled to meet Jane...she and Caleb are only a few months apart!

 And Sam...a delight of a boy...whose peace and cuteness draws you in! The boys couldn't stay away from the puddles!!
 Will and Caroline are the same age and play really well together...
 And there's that Angela...such a precious, precious soul who loves so passionately.  I am inspired every time she and I are together!
 She introduced us to the game Apples to Apples this weekend...a family favorite now!
 We got a date night...sushi and lots of laughter!!
Caroline and Will's "Snackbar" restaurant....I think they serve roasted marshmallows there!! :)
No matter how much time passes, between our visits, we can pick right back up.  What a gift!!
 Valentine banquet at church....Daddy got two dates!!!

 My baby girl turns nine!!  This was your friend party year and you chose to have it at the skate center!  Such a fun party!!!  And sooo many people came to show their love for you!!

Happy Birthday, my precious girl!