Tuesday, February 26, 2008

1,825 days

My precious Caitlyn, you turned 5 today. I still just do not know how we got here. This morning after waking you up by singing Happy Birthday, you looked at me and said, "Mommy, how many days is 5 years"? It was amazing to me the number that came out of my mouth (after doing some quick math in my head).....1, 825 days. Oh, how those days have changed me! 1, 825 days of you being one of my first thoughts of the day. 1, 825 days of watching you learn new things. 1, 825 days of your sweet touches. 1, 825 days of hoping you see a little of who God is in Daddy and I. 1, 825 days of being so very proud of you. 1, 825 days of hope for your future. 1, 825 days of trying to understand a love that so mirrors God's love for us. 1, 825 days of doing what I have ALWAYS wanted to do-----be your mother. were three days old in this picture.

I let you choose the cake for your party....I'll have to admit, I wasn't too surprised at your choice!!! A perfect representation of your interests right now!!!

You are one happy girl!!!!!!!

This was the first year you were really interested in the cards. You wanted each one read to you and you really looked at each one for quite awhile.........most of them were covered in princesses, of course!

Here you are modeling after opening your beautiful princess Caitlyn........with "glass" slippers and all (which was the one thing you asked for over and over).
Daddy and I came and ate lunch with you today at school and brought some treats for your classmates. You chose donut holes........we don't eat these very often, so they are a HUGE deal for you!!! We were even able to fit 5 candles in them and let you make a wish!!!!

Here's wishing and waiting for the next 1, 825 days! I love you , Caitlyn Denise Green.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Valentine's Day Fun!!!

What a fun and full day we had on Valentine's Day!!! Both of your classes at school had parties. It is so fun for Daddy and I to be able to come and watch you and your friends enjoy these special days. Caitlyn, here you are with "Mrs. Fisher" and Anna Kate--two of your very favorite people right now. Caroline-you were so excited about the treat at your party--doughnuts--sheer bliss to you, my sweet tooth girl!!!!

Caitlyn, you already have an admirer.......Christian picked you out something extra special...a flower and heart balloon.
This was the first time for the two of you to go visit Granny at Wellington. They were having their own Valentine's Party and were thrilled to have us come. Granny was so happy to have you there and introduce you to some of her new friends. We ate, again, of course. I think you had enough sugar that day to last all month!!!

The next day we got invited to go to a Valentine lunch in Morrison, TN with Bradley, Thomas and Grandmommy. You LOVE these boys (who are more like first cousins to you than third!). The boys planned such a fun day with heart shaped sandwhiches and strawberry milkshakes.
We also got to go to a real cattle farm and pick fresh eggs from the chickens and see a new baby cow. We all felt like such farm girls that day, didnt' we? Here are a few sweet moments from our time in Morrison.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Winter Wonderland

YEAH!!!!!!!!! WE woke up to snow falling this morning. I was so thankful. You have been asking almost every day, "Momma, when is it going to snow again? Winter is almost over!!!" Well, winter redeemed itself today. We suited up and enjoyed the fresh air and white stuff........for about 45 minutes........that was when our toes and hands started getting too cold. It was so beautiful.......a creation that shows God's magnificence, for sure!

We tried to make a snow man, but it wasn't packing very well. So....we made snow angels instead. This is one of your favorite things to do. Now we have several angels surrounding our house, at least for a few hours.

Checking in on Dandy........he loved the attention. Poor thing, we haven't been out much lately to see him.

Thank you, Lord, for a winter wonderland day today. Now, any time you are ready, bring on Spring!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Dancing girls!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

It's the simple things.........

So often the world thinks we have to do grandious things for our children to be happy. In our home, for now, that is not the case. I pray it never will be! I hope, sweet girls, that little things like playing in flour and getting a haircut will always be a TREAT to you.

Modeling the new "dos"..........

My silly girls!!!!!!!

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Pump it Up!

At the first of the year, I decided to try a "chart" to help with some of the issues we have been having like: hitting, fussing and whining when getting ready in the morning, picking up our messes and staying at the table while we eat (to name a few.....). At the end of the day, we go over our "rules" and if you follow them, you get to add a star by each one. With my help, we set a goal individually and together. If you meet the goal, you get a reward. The most recent reward was a trip to Pump it Up! WHAT a great night we had! I absolutely loved it myself---so you can bet I will be wanting you to choose this reward again.

After he saw how much fun we had, Daddy gave it a go! I think he liked it, too!!! Towards the end of the night they opened the wall, and to my amazement, you both wanted to do it! You two were the smallest ones to try..............

Caitlyn, it took you a few times, but you finally made it all the way up!!! I was soooooo proud of you two for being so very brave.

Here you are, Caroline, way up high. Your courage continues to blow me away!