Friday, November 16, 2012

November-Sooooo Thankful!!!

November brings more changing colors, cooler weather and more time indoors. That means more time to find fun things to you are, Caleb, dressing up in sisters shoes and finding a favorite

"snack"!  These have become a family favorite anytime of day!
Celebrating Daddy's birthday honor of his 35th birthday, we came up with 35 things we love about him.  We could have gone on and on...
More fun things to do inside..........bubbles are a hit!!!  And clean my kitchen floors....
Caleb, you are wanting to eat at the table like the girls.  You are becoming such a big boy!
More playing inside....little game of twister with the Laytons!
Here we are eating with Granny on the Sunday before Thanksgiving. We took Malia this year and enjoyed our first of many yummy family meals...
Granny still has held on to her sweetness and friendliness. She may not know us anymore, but we still bring her joy, which is very special!
Enjoying a late birthday celebration with Caroline and Coal.  What a precious thing that our families enjoy being together so much!

Here you all are (plus Coal's friend Noah) with our Thanksgiving Family get together craft. ! Loved these!

And...a little Thanksgiving Rap....thanking God for all HE does for us! 

A rainbow the week of Thanksgiving....God's sign to us that HE is always faithful to provide ALL we need. 

And even more than we need.........what a special Thanksgiving blessing......our precious new cousin and niece, Sofia Jane, born the day before our Thanksgiving family meal. Oh, we have so much to be thankful for!!!!!!