Friday, September 13, 2013

February-Love makes the world go round!- Part 1

What a month!  I had to break it into two parts because so much went on.  If you will look at the date that I am documenting this, it is over a year and a half ago! ( oh, the life of a busy momma!)  As I looked over the pictures of this month, I very fittingly chose the title of the month.  Love, truly, makes the world go round!  We did a lot of loving this month...from birthday parties to Valentine's Day, to saying goodbye to our precious Bailey.  Every event was laced with love.  Love from the greatest source there ever will be.  Thank you, God for placing love in our hearts to give away.
Look at my baby, boy!  You were such a big boy getting your haircut for the first time today!!!

                                       The sucker saved us from lots of tears, I believe!!

 We learned that our 13 year old day, Bailey, was in such pain.  We had been watching her and knew she was having a hard time.  She wasn't able to stand past 2 minutes.  The vets recommended we put her down, but told us it was our choice.
 We talked it over with you all and you were so sad, but so brave and considerate of Bailey.
 We decided to put her down for her sake....we didn't want her to hurt anymore.  It was one of the hardest choices for our family to make.  Bailey had been with us since before you all were born.  She was so faithful and  loving and patient with all of us.  Truly, God's spirit was evident in her life
WE miss you, girl.

Caroline, you had been talking about getting bangs for a long time.  I wasn't crazy about the idea, but we decided to let you try it. 

You really do look cute in them, cupcake!!!
 The weeks after Bailey's death were hard on all of us.  There was an emptiness felt, especially by Max.  He lost his best friend.  This became his spot.  In my mind, it will always be his spot...

 The first birthday celebration of the month...Shelly's 40th!!!  We decided to do a brunch with her family and friends.  Her Daddy and stepmom came all the way from Dallas! We had a house full of her loved ones.  Such a precious morning!!!

Shelly is such a precious soul to our family.  She loves you, kiddos, so much!  She has been through so much with us..good and bad.  She is one of those "forever friends" we talk about....
Here you three are celebrating Valentines Day at Mimi and Papa's....again, she always prepares such a wonderful family meal for us.  She and Papa are so very thoughtful of all of us.  We feel their love every time we are with them!