Sunday, May 30, 2010

Wrapping up May!

Here we are, at the end of the school year already! Whew. What a year it has been. With me working three days a week, it went faster than any other year has gone. It's hard to believe I will have a 2nd grader and a Kindergartner this fall!!! I was thankful to be able to wrap things up this month and have a little time with both of you before our lives really do change with Caleb's birth. The 1st graders always put on a musical play at the end of the year. You were goldilocks, Caitlyn, and did SUCH a great job!!! Here you are with Momma and Papa Bear...the whole play centered around finding baby bear.

Some of the audience.............

Mimi lovingly made your dress. What would we do without her handiwork!!!

Here are some pictures of the "flood" Nashville went through the first weekend in May. This is the street at our driveway. We have NEVER seen the little creek get this high.

This was up the road aways. The rain caused a mudslide to occur. Our road was closed for several weeks, until workers could get to it and clean it up.

We wrapped up t-ball, too. WHAT a fun activity this was for all of us. We LOVED coming out to your games, Caroline. It was amazing to see how much you learned in just three months. Warming up and ready to hit..............

Waiting for the ball............

A great swing................

Caitlyn, you LOVED the ring pops....a treat each week, for sure. You and the other siblings liked cheering for your sisters!!

Getting ready to run...........

Team pile up! Mr. Jeremy and "Miss" Emily Stephens were the best and most encouraging coaches!!!

We also tearfully said goodbye to Otter Creek Preschool. Between the two of you, we have been there now for 6 years. Hard to believe!!! What a blessed place it has been for all of us. Here you are saying your memory verses for the year. I love your face in this picture, girl!

Dear "Miss" Amanda....what a precious teacher she has been to you (and to mommy!). Thank you, Otter, for the memories and lessons learned. On to LES and Kindergarten, Caroline!!!! You will love it, babe.

We decided to plant a garden again...such a favorite springtime activity. We went to the Farmer's Market and picked out our plants, then had to wait for a sunny day to plant them. It sure has been one rainy spring!!!

This year we have cucumbers, tomatoes, cantaloupe, raspberries, green and red peppers, basil, strawberries, and sunflowers. We'll see how it goes.............

This was at Daddy's most recent softball game. We haven't been able to go to as many as normal, due to the busyness of life. This was an early game preceded by a picnic with the Laytons.

The cheerleaders.................
Now...........we are just days away from meeting our sweet baby, Caleb. We also took some precious family photos this month that I will post before introducing the world to our little man. Stay tuned............

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A Marathon, A Wedding (lots of rain) and Mother's Day!

The month of April and the beginning of May were filled with activities!!! The first of many was the Country Music Marathon. Daddy and several of his friends had been training for months for the race. This is Daddy's fourth half marathon. We were so proud of him. The morning of the race, it was supposed to rain. I just knew we would be out there under umbrellas and soaked watching him, but the rain held off until he finished. It really was perfect!!! Here we are, waiting on the guys to run past us. There were over 30,000 in this race!!!

There he is!!!!!!!!!

Stopped for a quick hug.............

This was at the very end of the run...........still running strong!!!

A few weekends later, you girls were in Travis and Amy's wedding. They had asked you (and Mariana and three other little girls) back in the winter and we have been counting down the days. They chose to be married downtown at the Capital Square. WHAT a cool place!!! We had never been there, but will be going back. It is a huge grassy field in front of the Capital with fountains and lots of room to run. We had a picnic to show you where you would be and to practice. Note for memory sake..........the square sits just above the Cumberland River (which flooded downtown the day after the wedding).

Eating lunch on the grass..........

It warmed up enough for you to play in the water..............if only the day of the wedding had been so pretty!!!!!!!!!

Posing with Travis and Amy.............

The night before at rehersal. It was a gorgeous night. We had all been watching the weather all week........they had been calling for rain. You would have NEVER known what the weekend would have held by comparing it to Friday night.

You girls were enthralled with every was so neat that Big Daddy got to do the ceremony, too!!!!!
The day of the wedding was FULL of rain.........we watched as the creek in front of our house filled and spilled over into the road......we wondered if the wedding would even happen. Even that day, Nashvillians knew it was the most rain we had seen in years. BUT........amidst a flooded weekend that Nashville will never forget, a most precious union occured of two amazing people.

Loving on Caleb.............

Dancing in the hotel, waiting to take pictures.............

Amy and her princesses................

The wedding ended up being under a tent, on the Capital Square. The rain lightened up just as the ceremony started, so we could hear the ceremony. It really was perfect. You girls did all came together so beautifully!!!
This was at the reception. You all had more fun throwing the flower petals around and DANCING!!!!!!!!!

Kisses for Daddy...........who was Mr. Travis' best man!

Dancing with Daddy and Uncle Wes.

Who would have thought the next morning, we would awaken to the Cumberland River flooding our city!!!

After a long week after the "flood" in which thousands of people and many of our loved ones had damage to their home, it was a sweet reprieve to celebrate Mother's Day. Here is my beautiful picture that you drew for me, Caroline, for the Otter Creek Mother's Day Brunch. A treasure............

You also made me this lovely vase... which I will use for years and years to hold special hand picked flowers.

Me and my precious girl!!!!!!!!! I still say Mother's Day is my favorite holiday these days... :))!!!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Easter 2010

Getting we are, Caleb, at 8 months. It's hard to believe we are getting close to the end!!!!!!

We love Easter time around here!!! The warmer weather begins, the colors begin to reemerge and we get to celebrate JESUS again!!! Here we are at Mammi's the Monday night before Easter Sunday with cousins...ready to go hunt for eggs!!

Dying eggs with Mammi has become a tradition..........

Otter Creek always has an Easter egg hunt the Saturday before Easter. It rained early that morning, but stopped in time for us to still go out to the playground and hunt for eggs.

This year we attended the "Ressurection Walk" at Woodmont Hills...I hope it becomes a tradtion, too. It takes you through the last supper and last day of Jesus' life. Each station has an action to perform and a "take home item" to remind you of what Jesus went through. Here you are, Caitlyn, getting your feet washed...just as Jesus did to his disciples the night before he died.

Here you are with Mammi at the actually got to hammer a nail in. We talked about how hard it must have been for him to go through this, but he was able to do it because of his GREAT love for us!!!!!!!

Easter morning...waiting to come down and see what the Bunny left!

Love those morning shots!!

WE LOVE PEEPS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dresses made by Mimi, as always, but this year the two of you picked your own fabric and style of dress...........look how similar they are!?

After a wonderful Easter lunch at Mimi's........we all took a brief nap....lollipop included!!!