Saturday, August 22, 2009

Schools in!!!

In some ways, this is how we all felt getting up early last week to start another year. The laid back days of summer are soooo nice!!! It's never easy starting something new and this year was no different. We had not thought too much about school with the Millers being here and it really crept up on us. Caitlyn, you hadn't said a lot about it until we put you to bed the night before your first day. I'm sure some of it was nerves and some was just from being overtired, but you cried yourself to sleep. We talked in depth about how the school routine would soon seem so normal again and about all the new things you will learn this year (reading and math especially) and about all the new friends yet to be made. It took you all of one day to get your smile back about being at school and in the 1st grade!!!

Day two and all smiles with your teacher, Mrs. Upton.

Caroline, you on the otherhand, couldn't wait to start school. You get to be in the exact same room as last year, just with a new teacher. Here you are on Snoopy Day with "Miss" Amanda. We love her already!!!!!!!!!!!

I love this picture! You are such a big girl, pre-kindergartener!!! The biggest change for you is that, instead of just going two days, you are now going three. It's so hard to believe I will be dropping you both off next year five days a week. Oh....mercy, I'm getting ahead of myself. Let's just get started and enjoy this year!!!! Stay in the moment, momma!!!

Monday, August 17, 2009

End of summer treat!

We ended the summer with a WONDERFUL visit from our college friends, Matt and Andrea Miller, and their crew. We met Matt and Andrea in college and developed a very deep and close friendship. We spent many birthdays and holidays together before and after we were married and still living in Searcy. They became like family to us. Their hearts were stirred in college to prepare for foreign missions and have been living in Togo, West Africa for almost 10 years. In that time, they have had four beautiful children....the newest of whom we had not met yet. We have seen each other about every two years since they have been gone and it is always like a family reunion. You loved being with them, girls! It was non stop fun!!! Five of the six of our kiddos waking up in the morning....Abby, Asher, Caroline, Anna Marie and Caitlyn.

Anna Marie is the little princess who everyone wanted to "help". She is two and an absolute delight!

Anna had the water table all to herself!
Ready for our walk at Radnor Lake..........

Checking out the deer...........

Being silly!
Mr. Matt and Daddy are great transportation!

Andrea and I were able to sneak away for a "girls lunch" at the Puffy Muffin........such a treat! I continue to be amazed at Andrea's view of life and the way she handles things with such calm confidence.

Aidan and Asher creating a slide....true boys!!

Abby is now almost 11 and was such a wonderful example for you, girls. She was so sweet to let you hang out with her...and that you did...everywhere!!!!

Homemade pedicures with the girls!

The house seems so quiet after having 10 in it for the week!!!

We love you, Millers, and will be praying for you as you transition to your next venture in Rwanda. We respect and admire your dedication and courage more than you know! Two years will pass by before we know it!!!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Look what water can do!!!

Remember our garden from late spring? Here it is now...producing tomatoes, squash, cantaloupe and green peppers. WE have been eating good!!!

Here is your sunflower, Caitlyn. It was just two small seeds, and now look at it!!! All it takes is a little water and sunshine....and water is one thing we have had plenty of this summer. Water through lots of rain, but also water fun in the form of pools, sprinklers, water gun wars, and a new experience for us... a water park.
We had heard of this new water park in Sevierville, TN (near Gatlinburg) and had been very intrigued. Our friends, the Dyes, had been earlier in the summer and just raved about it. So, one weekend when Daddy was out of town on a mens golf trip, the three of us, "Miss" Shelly, Coal and Claire headed down for our own adventure.

The water slides are very different than what I remembered as a child. On most all of them, you ride on a tube and glide on the water at the end. I remember being thrust under the water at the bottom of many slides as a young needless, to say, I was somewhat nervous. This picture was taken in the indoor section of the water park after you and Coal went down together, Caitlyn. Once we got our jitters out on the first slide, you went time and time again. You and Caroline were so brave!!

Jumping the waves at the outdoor wave pool........

Caroline, they had several smaller slides for your age and size. You weren't able to ride all of the slides there, but you wore out the ones you could.

Hanging out with momma, watching sister go down the bigger slides.

What a special weekend with special friends making precious memories!!!