Wednesday, March 14, 2012

July-Family and Friends

Whew...what a busy month!!! I could have put even more pictures in of birthday parties, playdates, etc...but the month was already getting so long!! We had a FULL month...and that means making LOTS of memories! Eating on your own means lots of baths to get clean, sweet Caleb.

Here we are, learning about Faith, on one of our summer Bible study Fridays with the Dyes

We have a standing tradition now....Fourth of July Celebration at our house. This year was the largest crowd we had...around 3o folks. It was CRAZY, but soo fun!

Some of the onlookers...

Uncle Wes and I...looking more alike the older we get!

Max and Mike with the watermelon!

Flying Josue'

Another tradition...chicken fighting with Amy and Travis!!

The little guys on the "move"

Sweet Asher and Angie

Not so sure about the fireworks!

Some of the crowd...

The show was a hit!!!

We will never forget this fourth of everyone was leaving, Mimi slipped on our garage steps and fell hard. We found out hours later, her ankle was broken in several places. It scared us all!

Poor Mimi was in this cast for almost 12 was one hard summer for her!! You, girls, got to pick out the color....are we surprised it's pink!? Mimi is holding new baby Lexi here.

My four favorite people in the entire world at an outdoor concert at Crockett Park

At the end of the month, our dear friends, the Millers came to stay with us for a week. They had been visiting friends and family before moving to Rwanda for their next "missionary journey!" We are always honored that they choose to come visit us and share in their life experiences.

We called it our "staycation" and boy, did we fit a lot in!

Softball in the park..........

and some kickball!

Slip n Slide...

A visit to the African market....

A little African drum practice!


and water fights!!


and farm hands...

Lots of togetherness...

and of course, DANCING!!!

It was like a party all week long......we were soooo sad to see them go. We are hoping and planning God will open a door for us to visit them in Rwanda one day...

Our future builder is already working on a skill to teach when we go...riding in the dump trucks!!