Saturday, November 12, 2011

May- Loved ones!!!

This month held lots of moments with loved ones...whether that was saying goodbye, saying hello or keeping traditions...we thank God for having loved ones to share life with. Caroline, your pet fish Pebbles died after living with us for almost 6 months. We had a little funeral and buried him behind the playground.

My two favorite boys..................

We welcomed our new cousin, Reed Allen, into our family!

A new life to love..........

Caleb, you, me and Mammi got to spend a morning with Price (and his trains!) at Shipwreck Playhouse while Aunt Camille and Uncle Wes were getting to know Reed at the hospital.

"I want to do it!!"

We love our Mammi!!!

Waking up with Momma...

Time for our GARDEN!!! One of our favorite spring traditions...

We planted tomatoes, green and red peppers, cucumbers, basil, raspberries and our strawberries are already starting to grow!

Caleb, you are attempting to use those legs as you push your grocery cart!!

My sweet girls before their Fellowship Bible Dance Recital

We just LOVE watching you dance for JESUS!!!

Wiped out...........


Caroline, here you are with two of your best Kindergarten friends..Sarah Grace and the end of the year picnic.

Caitlyn and your BFF, Marissa Doyle

Mrs. Adcox is retiring after this blessed we were to have her twice!!! WE will miss seeing her in the halls at Lipscomb!!

Caleb is sad to see the school year, too, buddy!!!

Monday, September 26, 2011

April-SPRING is here and so is NEW LIFE!!

Ah, my favorite flower....and these are in our yard. A beautiful sign of new life all around us...spring time is here!!!

Springtime brings tons of outside you will see in our busy month!!

We had a small baby shower at the beginning of the month to help Camille and Wes prepare for baby Reed.

Reed will be one blessed and loved little Dozier!!!

And speaking of little people, here you all are hearing Amy and Leoncio's BIG news on Skype...a new baby Dominguez is on it's way AND....

THEY ARE MOVING BACK HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Time for one of our FAVORITE spring activites....your softball games, Caroline!!

It becomes a family affair!!!

What a fun day we had at our first Easter Egg Hunt with some of your school buddies!!

Caleb, you enjoyed crawling in the grass and being free!!

"Where are those eggs!!??"

A springtime tradition...dying Easter Eggs with Mammi~

This year we made put some "kisses" in Easter eggs and took them to Granny and her friends at Wellington...

They always love seeing you your sweet faces!

We love to make Granny happy!!!

"Hey! This thing is cool!!"

"What's down there!?"

EARLY, Easter morning checking out the loot!!

My precious Easter bunnies!!!

Our family................

Hunting eggs in Mammi and Big Daddy's yard in your new pjs you got from them!!

Sharing with Price...........

Caleb, here you are enjoying your new Easter basket from Grandmommy!! Perfect size for you!

And here is Max...enjoying you!!!!