Monday, February 23, 2009

Sick Season's that time of year again....when sicknesses abound. I feel like we are one of hundreds struggling with strep. Caitlyn, you just got over it last week and my Carolina, you were diagnosed today and put on the not so yummy pink amoxicillin. This is the first time either of you have had strep. I remember getting it when I was a child and feeling terrible!! You both have been troopers and honestly, being sick always makes us rest. It forces us to and we do take advantage. Here's hoping and praying Daddy and I can stay well.... we have some important things to plan and get ready for.....isn't someone having a birthday this week!?

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My happy Valentines!

What a sweet Valentines we had this year...filled with lots of my favorite people! It started Thursday at your school, Caroline, with a party. Here is the "Love Quilt" your class made. Each child drew a picture and answered the question..."What is love?" Your picture was of our family (the top yellow one) and it said "Love is Daddy, Mommy and Caitlyn." Thank you, baby.

Here you are with your handmade Valentine bag, waiting to pass out your cards and candy. Mercy, just when I thought we were done with the Christmas candy.....

That afternoon, after we picked up Caitlyn, we went to Mammi's house and made goodie bags for all the residents at Granny's assisted living center, Wellington Place. She was so excited to see us!

You girls really enjoyed handing these out and making the residents smile. What a precious sight to see!!!
Introducing yourself...several times!

Granny loved meeting our smallest Valentine, Josue'.

Speaking of the you are, Caroline, loving on the smallest Herring Valentine. Cameron is now 10 months old and not so small anymore!! We went to see Aunt Bela, Lucas and Cameron on Friday morning for a fun Valentine playday.

It was another beautiful and sunny day. You and Lucas rode bikes for a good long time..he even taught you how to "crash" into his yard. It's good to have boyfriends!

Aunt Bela and I helped you two make Valentine cupcakes....the funnest part was eating them at the end!!!!!!!!!!

All smiles at Caitlyn's class party on Friday afternoon

Valentines Day itself was a quiet one around the house(which I treasure). Mr. Travis called to see if he could cook us supper. Of course, we accepted!!! He made us a wonderful Thai meal and was gracious enough to let you both help him. It was delicious.

At the table, we went around and said three things we loved. Caitlyn, your three things were swimming, pickles, and princesses. Caroline, your three were Paisley, "Lambie", and Coal. Thank you, girls, for being my Valentines every day of the year!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Random Happenings

Here are just a few things that have been going on lately... Your first Vandy basketball game of the season....dressed and ready in your new outfits (with pom poms, of course)

As always, we have lots of guest appearances.....Ariel stayed for supper!
It was so warm this weekend, you girls played outside on Sunday for 3 hours....yes, that is shorts in February!!! You did a "play" for Daddy and I with your friend Rosella! She was soaking up the rays!

We have a toilet that is leaking (who knows for how long) and we had to cut a hole in the ceiling to check it out. Caroline, you were so interested. Daddy's little helper!

Caitlyn, you have been sick this week, so I kept you home for two days. Today, you felt a lot better and the two of you played SOOO well; probably one of the best days ever. I mean was absolutely delightful. At one point, I came up to check on you and this is what I had created your very own canopys. We've agreed to let you sleep with them like this for a few days. Oh, the memories.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Memories from the Mountains

We have two annual trips a year. Our fall trip to the beach and our winter trip to the mountains. Both of these are anticipated and talked about all during the year. This year was no exception. We counted down the days before we left and even got to leave a day early, due to school being out for snow! My favorite part about the trip is time to rest and just enjoy being together. I am speaking for him, but I would say Daddy's favorite part is eating and playing games! And the two of you........being doted on by everyone, of course!!! This year we had 12 adults and four children. It is one LOUD, but fun weekend. We eat out every morning and then just hang out the rest of the day....with no set schedule and then eat a big meal in the cabin together at night. Every time we go, I am reminded of how precious family is. We are all so different and unique, but each of us brings something of value that no other person can. We are a beautiful tapestry of love!!!
The majestic views!

Big Daddy is a great reader!!!

For the most part, you three did a good job sharing, and playing together. We were ALL so thankful for that!!!

The outfits you lived in most all weekend.........a surprise treat brought by Mammi.

"I got a Yahtzee!"

Listening to some tunes with Camille

Playing a little Guitar Hero!

Exercising with Mammi and Mimi

We went ice skating for the first time...Daddy and I expected you NOT to enjoy it. We were pleased to say we were very wrong. We stayed out on the ice for an hour and a half!!! You two were determined to learn and get better. And yes...the outfit went with us!!!

Helping to make supper

The welcomed dinner table

A little cuddle time with Josue'. He had a rough weekend...trying to get over a virus. We were so glad they got to one point, we didn't think it would happen.

Bowling on the Wii was a huge highlight!

Working on Rice Krispie houses with the grandparents

Enjoying the view with Papa on the back porch
Some special memories from this year were Caroline learning to whistle (Papa was a big help in this), Big Daddy sleeping in the loft with the girls, noticing a tooth of Caitlyn's getting very loose, more late night Phase 10 games, learning to make Amy's famous guacamole, watching in amazement Wes do the Power 90 video and sweat like a pig, holding Josue', getting tickled over Camille's LOVE of Sunkist drinks, Mariana's songs, Papa's popcorn, and as always, Mimi and Mammi's unbelievable patience and untiring energy with the children!!!
On the way home, Caroline said, "Mommy, wouldn't it be neat if the mountains followed us home!?" It sure would, babe. But then, again, the trip wouldn't be quite as special. Thank you, Lord, for another blessed trip together, making treasured memories.