Sunday, February 19, 2012


June was truly the month to celebrate....
We started with a family day to the zoo to celebrate Caleb's first year of life. What a joy you have have brought to us, baby boy. We CANNOT imagine life without your sweetness, your smile, your laugh, your gentle spirit. It was a such a fun day together.

Checking out the meerkats...........boy, they're funny!!

Making new friends...........

These are the moments a momma LOVES..........................................

Caitlyn, you have a special spot in your heart for horses. We did a little research and found a horse camp that you were able to be apart of for a week. We were a little nervous you may not like it because you didn't know anyone, but we were wrong. You loved it!!! You learned how to take care of a horse, about the tack and how to ride. What a wonderful experience at Creekside Stables.

My happy, summer baby is getting so big!! Look at those teeth!

The second reason to celebrate in June was to have our whole family back together again!

We had been anxiously counting down the days for the Dominguez crew to return from Mexico. Finally, that day arrived. We met at the airport with our signs to welcome our loved ones HOME.

Oh, how good it was to hug and love on them again!!!

ALL smiles!

The kids had changed so much....Price and Josue' checking each other out.

Pure exictment for the threesome to be together again!!

Caleb, you were only 3 months old when they left. Leoncio was making up for lost time with some sweet kisses.

We waited to have Caleb's birthday bash until the Dominguez family could join us.

Time to PARTY!!!

You (and your Daddy) love balls so much, we decided to go with a baseball theme swim party. How fun to be able to celebrate a summer birthday in the pool!

Our future ball player......

Ready to get wet!!

The water table has been one of the best toys we have ever bought. It has gone through all you kiddos...and is still a hit with the little ones!

Some of the crew!

Baby Reed even made the function!!

Me and my Papa!!

You dug right in!!!! Happy Birthday, buddy....enjoy!!

You are so close to walking...the girls love to help you practice.

You love to eat by yourself....we have learned to just let you do it by yourself...mess and all!!

Baseball season wraps up for Daddy's church softball we celebrated with friends at the park.

We love picnics!!

You girls took swimming lessons again with "Miss" Glenda. She is so good with you and is such an encourager. You both progressed quickly.

Here you are learning how to turn your head when you breathe.

Caleb, this is how I found you one day when I came to wake you up. You are getting so long, buddy!!!

I wonder how long you'll let your sisters kiss you?! I love this shot...............

We decided to get together with the Dyes ever other week during the summer to do a Bible study. This was after our lesson on peace. You each made a peace sign and decorated it, to help you remember to get along with each other. We are so thankful for friends that help us grow closer to Jesus and HIS ways.

Just another sweet moment I wanted to remember....such freedom!!!