Tuesday, March 29, 2011

February- Friends, "sweets" and a photo shoot!

February was such a quick always is..but it went even faster as we begin to prepare for our upcoming Disney trip and count down the days!! The Dyes got to hang out with us one Friday night for several hours of pizza, movies and of course, dress up and a few funny pictures!!!

You girls got to go to Paisley's 6th Birthday party at Divas and Dudes...such a treat!!!

And, speaking of treats...look who got his first taste of ice cream!!!! YUMMY!!!!
A little reading time....
Valentines Day brought your first chocolate Mimi and Papas...with chocolate fondue!!!
And Daddy had a sweet surprise for you, girls....roses and tickets to TAYLOR SWIFT!!! You get a Daddy/Daughter date in September!!
Here is my sweet boy. Caleb, you, Daddy and Mimi had a little photo shoot for your 8 month pictures. These are just a few of my favorites!!!

This, sadly, is the only picture we got of your Dedication Day at Otter Creek. That morning, Caitlyn ended up with strep, so Daddy and Mammi switched off taking care of her while the rest of us went to church. The morning was still so sweet and special!

Friday, March 11, 2011

January-Snowy beginning!

After the holidays, things slowed...tremendously... due to our weather!! It's always nice to have some "down time" after the busy bussle of December, but we had more than our fair share of days "happily trapped" in our house because of snow! Here is what part of our neighborhood looked like...often!! It was more snow than you girls have ever seen. You loved it!!

We also had several playdates...we miss our friends who go to different schools! You and Ashlyn created your very own snack with craisins, chocolate chips, marshmellows and cheezits!

Learning to play the piano! Caleb loved having you two home more..he misses you when you aren't home!

Caitlyn, I put this picture in because it is so YOU! What I mean by that is you are "our fashionista"!!
You have for some time now been extremely interested in creating your own outfits. This was fabric Mimi let you have that was leftover from your Halloween costume. Somehow, you turned it into this dress.......oo lala. Check out your shoes!!! Oh, mercy, we are in trouble!

The Laytons were able to make it up our driveway one snowy day. What fun memories sledding...even Kamry got out to join us!!!

Since Dandy is now gone, we were able to use the hill. Oh, what fun it was!!! We had some cold hands and feet, but it was worth it!!!

Rolling down the hill........

Caleb and I watched from inside and took pictures and video...hard to believe he will REALLY want to be out there next winter!!!

Sweet Sara Grace Lawrence and her family also joined us one day for some morning sledding. We have been so blessed to get to know the Lawrences!!!

Many days were spent just playing with you girls are rolling cars (Daddy's old ones) back and forth with him. It kept him happy while I did something productive!

The nice thing about snow days are easing into the mornings. We spent LOTS of time in our pjs.

At the end of the month we celebrated the Dowlen January birthdays here at our house. Happy Birthday, Mimi and Ashley!!!

Caleb took a cat nap on Uncle Donny's shoulder!

As I write this six weeks past January (see date above), I look back on it with peace and such sweetness at the many days you delighted in one another (even if it was short-lived!). Oh, how I will MISS these days!