Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Day Four

We got another later start's hard getting 11 people ready to go!! We started at Hollywood Studios this morning because we knew it wouldn't take us more than a few hours to see the things we were interested in.

We found some "familiar faces" as soon as we arrived....

Handy Manny and Little Einsteins!!

You girls were so excited to play on the "Honey, I shrunk the kids" playground. We rented the movie before the trip so you could have a better idea of the fun of this area! I remember watching that movie as a teenager!

And we had to find some boy toys for you, buddy!!

We knew we wanted to see the "Beauty and the Beast" show. We heard it was wonderful and got there extra early to get good seats. Mammi took a little nap while we waited.......

It really was such a wonderful show and was worth the wait!!!

After leaving Hollywood, we had a little time to swim. Caleb and I joined the crew this time...but only for a few minutes...the water was still too cold for me!!

Here we are in another mode of Disney's transportation..the monorail. This was your favorite way to travel, girls. I also remember loving it when I went to Disney as a little girl.

Caleb rests up before our FAVORITE meal on the trip...OHANA Steakhouse in the Polynesian Resort. The food was AMAZING (the sweet bread was a huge hit!!) and the atmosphere was so fun...full of dancing, games, and fireworks ( we were able to see them from INSIDE the restaurant-the best view according to you, Caroline!).

The leis were a special treat, too!!!

Wasn't the hoola dancing fun, girls!?

Happy boy FULL of banana sweet bread!!!

Crazy hats for crazy people!!!

Does this look familiar?