Wednesday, August 27, 2008


It's that time again..........and we are enjoying it already!!!!!!! Caroline, you were sooooooo ready to get back to Otter Creek Preschool. Not having Caitlyn with you this year made you very sad, but you were ready to see all your teachers and friends. You are in Miss Anna's four year old classroom and it is in the Kindergarten building, so you are BIG STUFF this year!!! Miss Anna is so very sweet and loving and is such a good encourager for you. Your favorite thing so far about school is playing with Paisley and Bryson on the playgound.
Here you are with our "beloved Miss Anna!!!"

And my BIG you are before your first half day. Lipscomb calls it "Bear Camp". You got to choose a bear from home and bring it to school with you. You chose Fluffy--my old bear--which made mommy so happy!!! You have a wonderful teacher that has been at Lipscomb for 27 years.......Ms. Adcox. She is very patient and loves what she does and it is so obvious. She is called the "animal teacher" in the Kindergarten. She has two turtles, an iguana, a rat, and a bird in her room. You tell me the bird is so loud during the day!! You love animals, so having those in her room made it so fun that first day!!! So far, your favorite thing about school is recess and meeting your new friend, Macy.

Here you are posing with Ms. Adcox in your classroom.

Momma (and little sister) has had an adjustment to being without you every day, for sure. I know it is time and you are doing soooo well, which has helped me to do well, too!!! I am so proud of your independence and desire to learn new things. What a great year we are going to have!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Summer wrap-up

Wow! What a fun summer we have had!!! It's hard to believe it has come to an end. To wrap up summer and move on to a new season, here a few of my very favorite pictures that capture some of our special and memorable moments. Listening to "Miss" Jamie tell us the rules of swim lessons. She was so great with you, girls, and yes, we finally got your face in the water, Caroline!!!!!

Swimming with Uncle Leoncio and Mariana.
My twosome!!!

Sweet time with Mammie...we enjoy her time with us when she is not teaching!!!!

Paisley, Caitlyn and Caroline---the princesses.

Hanging out with the Dye Family

Crazy times!!!!!!!!!

Our annual summer time playdate with the Pigg boys--there is a new addition this year!

Finally, will wear goggles!!!!

Our mornings began with "Monster Toast!"

Wiped out!!!!!!!!!

Love those Dunsmore boys!!!!!!!!!!!!

Washing the cars!!!!!!!!

Friends galore!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here comes FALL...........................

Monday, August 18, 2008

Picture crazy!!!

This is a post JUST to make you laugh, girls. The two of you LOVE to take pictures.......with MY CAMERA!!! You have actually gotten pretty good at it...even a little artsy! Ha. All of these just made me laugh out loud........hopefully in years to come, they still will. I think it might be about time to get you your own cameras!!!! Check it out......... Caroline, you are a little obsessed with your feet--there were over 12 of these same shots.

Showing your creative side...........


The model shot!!!

Getting WAY too big and way too quickly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

I love your Daddy!!!

A few weekends ago Daddy and I decided to take a little get away trip. We TRY to do this once or twice a year, so we can really focus on one another. WE LOVE being your mommy and daddy every single day--it is one of the greatest gifts on earth, but it is so good for the two of us to have some time alone. The two of you had an absolute ball with Mammi and Big Daddy and Mimi and Papa. Caitlyn, Mammi even took you on your first "Big Girl" school shopping trip!! We missed you so much but we had a wonderful time at the beach. Here we are laughing at each other at a new resteraunt we tried...The Back Porch. We will definitely go back there again. It was such a great family place that sits right on the beach with a really fun playground area.

Some sweet friends of ours, Mr. Phillip and "Mrs."Jenni (Jake and Evan's mommy and daddy) went with us. "Mrs." Jenni is a true beach lover like me and we had such a relaxing time sitting and watching the waves, talking, and reading a great book that I want you to read someday, "The Shack." I always feel so close to God when I am at the beach. I hope you two will come to feel that way, too!!!

Here is our set up on the beach...even Daddy laid out for awhile!!!! He and Mr. Phillip played golf one day and then the next day, rented floats and rode the waves for hours. They even got the two of us mommy's out there.........which really ended up being a great way to stay in the water!!!

We were tired after being in the sun and took naps. Daddy hardly ever gets to do this!!!!

On our last night there, we dressed up and had a very special dinner out at one of my favorite restaurants in SanDestin...the Bistro Bijoux. You probably don't recognize me with my hair straight. "Mrs. Jenni" fixed it for me while we were there. I will have to really practice to get it as straight as she did.

I want both of you to know how very much I love your Daddy. He has so many qualities I pray you learn from and possess yourself one day. What a blessing he is to me and what a blessing this time away was!!!

Technical difficulty

For some reason, my computer has been acting up and it will not let me add pictures........ I have several blogs I want to post, but really want to wait until I can post pictures with it. Sorry for the lack of communication as of late!