Wednesday, September 30, 2009

September shots

These are all very random, but fill in some of the gaps that words just cannot. Here are some of our fun moments of September. Caroline, this was you one Tuesday running errands with momma. You were enjoying the massage chair at Bed, Bath and Beyond.

Oh, how we have loved on the new babies in our life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Stretching at Let It Shine

Learning how to jump from side to side and walk on the balance beam.

The funnest part of class is jumping in the foam pit!!!
We loved America's Got Talent this summer. We have been into "singing" ever since. Mimi got you these great WELL spent, I'd say!!!

Your created microphone stand!

Caitlyn had spirit week last week. Caroline, you decided (even though Otter wasn't having spirit week...) to have your own! One day was miss-match day. Caitlyn, you wouldn't pose for a picture, but Caroline sure loved going along with it!!!

The last day was crazy hat day. We didn't have crazy hats, but we had these sweet "Princess" ones, given to us by Aunt Amy. And... of course, like monkey see, monkey do!!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Our new routine

Well, the more relaxed days of summer are gone and we are living the more scheduled life of school and work. It's definitely taken some getting used to. I know in many ways, more gets done when we live with a "routine", but I must admit I often fight against it...and so do the two of you. hopes of helping us get out the door, be on time, and have some more harmony and flow when we are home, I put some new things in place. We've only been doing it now for a few weeks, but I do think it is helping us stay focused.

I wanted to record this, so one day, we all could look back and smile on these days.........


Get dressed
Make beds
Eat breakfast
Pack bag
Brush teeth
Be ready by 8:00

After School

Empty out school bag (and lunchbox) and put away
Pick up
Recyle or trash when needed
Kitchen help (set or wipe table)

Before Bed

Clothes picked out for next day
Brush Teeth
Read/Bible Study
Bed by 8:30

At each time of the day, when you have completed your "jobs" you are allowed to watch TV or get on the computer (something that had gotten out of hand). Also, if you accomplish these (I think very reasonable tasks) with good attitudes , you earn a "Diamond Dollar" the following morning. If in a two week period (minus weekends--we have to have a break sometime!) , you can earn eight Diamond Dollars, you are allowed to invite a friend over (a huge treat!).

Our weekly schedule:
Mondays- Momma works and Daddy takes you to school in the morning. Mimi picks you both up from school and brings you back home until Momma or Daddy arrives. Most Monday afternoons, we go to Mammi and Big Daddy's for a family dinner. You love this time, especially playing with Mariana and Josue'.
Tuesdays-Caroline, you and I take Caitlyn to school and then go to gymnastics. I allowed each of you to pick one activity to do this year, and you chose a class at Let it Shine Gymnastics. Its so fun to watch you learn. We usually run errands, have appointments, or just stay home together. What a sweet memory this will be for you and I!
Wednesdays-I take both of you to school and either have some time alone (Which I love and value!) or spend the day with Aunt Amy and Josue'. Us mommy's need some rejuvenating time often! I pick both of you up from school these days. Wednesday nights we go to church. We had gotten out of the habit of doing this last year with dance, and it has been nice to be doing this together again.
Thursdays-I work these days, so I meet Mimi in the school parking lot with both of you early, so she can take Caitlyn into school and then she spends the day with you, Caroline. We are so thankful to have family to help us out sooooo much!!! Mimi and Caroline pick you up, Caitlyn, then bring you home. Daddy and I usually get home around 5:30.
Fridays- I work this day, too, but don't have to be there until 9:30, so get to take you both to school. Sometimes, I can't leave work until 2:30, so you get to go to extended care, Caroline, which you LOVE!! We hang out at the Purple Cow and get an icee and then it's off to get sister. I love Fridays, b/c it means the weekend is coming!!! Weekends are so anticipated!!! Weekends are never the same, but one thing we are trying to fit in every other weekend is a horse riding lesson for you, Caitlyn (your chosen activity). I love that you wanted to try this. I have struggled a bit with my fear of you getting hurt, but I know this is not the first time I will have to "trust and let you go!" We try to let Sundays be family, out to eat, and just hanging out together in some way before the week starts up again.
Daddy has been training for a 1/2 marathon amidst all of this and I am just trying to finish a book and keep our underwear clean!!!

I wish I could post some pictures with this post, but for some reason blogger won't let me. We'll try again tommorrow!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Day trip!

A few weekends ago Aunt Bela and I talked about going on a journey with you girls and Lucas. We have had plenty of playdates, but never been on a trip together. Aunt Bela had a great idea....a day trip to Chattanooga and the Aquarium. We left Daddy at home working and Uncle Virgil kept Cameron. We woke up EARLY and met at Cracker Barrel for a delicious pancake breakfast. You have to sit for awhile on the frontporch in the rockers at Cracker Barrel!!

It is SUCH a treat to watch a movie in the car...ready for Nemo!!!

Chattanooga has such a cute downtown. The three of you enjoyed playing outside the aqaurium almost as much as being inside. Here you are jumping the fountains outside and playing on some of the walls and green space.

I had not been to the aquarium in over 12 years...they have added a lot in that time. You all were captivated by all of it! I was in awe again of the power and imagination of God as He has created such an ellaborate world under the waters of the world with such interesting colors and life.

We ate lunch under a bridge while listening to live music by a one man band. It was even cool on this August day!!! What a gorgeous summer we have had!!!

Trying to touch the stingrays...........

WE all LOVED watching the penguins....they are so funny!!!!!

One of the highlights was getting to play in the water outside of the aquarium at the end of the was difficult to get you to leave....
Bribing with ice cream always seems to work, though!!!