Saturday, March 28, 2009

Bathtime blues

An old friend of mine recently asked me to describe your relationship. My answer....."They love each other, but they don't act like it most of the time". Through this blog I can paint a very pretty picture when I write to you, but our days are rarely that. Most days are filled with bickering,whining, fussing, competing, and lots of tears. I know it's normal, but oh, how it can drain me!!! Sometimes, if I don't laugh, I would just sit down and cry.
Tonight was one of those times. It was bath night. Here is how it went.
Laughter...pretending with your mermaids. Things seem pleasant. I step out for a few minutes.
Then, I hear, "It's mine." "No, it's mine. I had it first!" "Quit, Caroline! You weren't playing with it." "But I had it first!" I hear water splashing over the tub..and I winced.....hear it comes.... "Aahhhh. (tears) Mommy!!!! Mommy!!" I go in and see you two pulling a doll back and forth. "Mommy, She just took the doll away from me." "I did not. She wasn't even playing with it...(crying). She pulled my hair." I try to mediate. Caitlyn you get upset and say with sass , "I just want to wash my hair and body and get out of here!" (I'm thinking, great! Let's get it done.) Caroline then pipes in..."No! I want to go first. You told me I could go first, Mommy!"
Typically, niether of you want to EVER go fight not to! This is when I began to laugh...if it's not one thing, it's the other. So...after months of threatening to split you up at bath times, I really think it is time finally follow through!!!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Springtime, a window and creativity

Springtime is here!!!! It is so nice seeing the dark colors of winter change to the vibrant colors of spring. It makes me realize, once again, our God is a God of resurrection!!!
We kicked the springtime off on a cold morning with your spring program, Caroline. It was called "This is the day!" Here you are singing "This little light of mine......" with your class.

Your class with Miss Anna. We'll laugh at these bows one day, I'm sure!!!

Your two favorite friends in your class...Paisley and Jackson.

We had a big reason to celebrate this week. Caitlyn, after many weeks of wiggling your tooth back and forth, it popped out after biting into a hard, cold ice cream sandwhich. You cried (so did mommy) from lots of emotion. We call it your window...just the beginning of many big girl changes!!!

A friend of yours at school is on crutches. You have been fascinated with them. When that happens, your little creative mind goes to work. You, Daddy and Caroline went outside (at your leading) to look for sticks to make your own crutches. You have been hobbling around the house all weekend!!! Who knows? Maybe it's good practice for a future injury.....

Friday, March 13, 2009

Sweet 'n Sassy!

You are finally healthy, so we decided to reschedule your party for an afternoon this week, in hopes all the girls could come. We were successful..all eight were able to make it. Several months ago, we begin talking about your party and gave you a choice of two places. You made your decision and didn't look back. A "Sweet 'n Sassy Princess Party!" was the choice!!! Your first friend to arrive...Bailee. Caroline, you were every bit as excited about this party as Caitlyn has been!!!

The only little prince among us............Josue' is growing so quickly!!! He just kicked his little legs and couldn't decide who to focus on...a little overstimulation, I think!
Dresses were chosen..............

Two of my favorite beauties..........

Hair was done...........

Nails and make-up to complete the look!

One excited birthday princess!!!!

You LOVED your hair and wanted me to take a picture...the picture doesn't do it justice...what they do with hair there is amazing!!!! I should take lessons..........

In "princess school", learning princess etiquette.

The kingdom princesses all together!!!
Princesses Mercer, Bailee, Claire, Caitlyn, Jordan, Anna Kate, Macy, Caroline and Mariana.

Caitlyn, I am again amazed at how you can possibly be this old. Where has six years gone? Daddy and I are so proud of you. You are learning so fast. Some of our favorite things about you now are the way you want to do the "right" thing (especially at school), how much your friends mean to you, your creativity with your artwork and your "designer" clothes, your love of dance and all things "girl", your love of pickles, animals, and swimming. You are still very much a daddy's girl. You are a natural leader in your class and are so friendly and talkative to everyone. You continue to be very persistent and set in your ways. I am positive this will serve you well as the years go on...even though it can make for some challenging moments at home. God is working in your heart in ways we cannot even see, and for that I am so thankful. I am reminded that HE is your ultimate parent....we just have you on loan for a little while.
We love you so much. NOTHING will ever change that.

Monday, March 2, 2009

An unusual birthday

Good morning, love. Here you are waking up on the morning of your 6th birthday...with a 102 temperature!!! You had already been home for two days with a fever and it lasted all week. We had to keep you home and cancel your friend party. I was so proud of you, though. You were so understanding...maybe you just felt too bad to fuss! We tried to make it fun anyway and just had to go with the flow and make new plans, which turned out to be wonderful. Isn't that how life is when we can learn to just let things come as they will (I'm speaking to me, here!).

New spring slippers (and some for little sis, too!)

You kept talking all week about taking the dogs on a walk (this is something we rarely ever do...but should!!). So, later that day, Daddy got home early and you seemed to have perked up a bit. It was a windy, but warm day, so we took advantage and went to Granny White park. I was reminded again HOW MUCH I treasure family outings with just the four of us. Life feels most rich during these moments.
The dogs seemed to walk US at first, but after several minutes, we all managed to come to a nice stroll. It was good exercise for all of us!
Your new "fancy" phone you bought with some of your birthday money. I see this becoming more and more normal in the next several years..............
Two days later, your fever finally broke and we celebrated with family.
Baskin Robbins cakes are a tradition in our family. This year, we found one we all LOVE! It is the fudge crunch ice cream cake. It has no actual "cake" in it at all--just the ice cream with a yummy cookie crunchy center. You don't like cake anyway, so it fit you perfectly!!!

My big girl....HOW CAN YOU BE 6 YEARS OLD?!!! Aunt Amy reminded me that in just two more sets of six years, you will be graduating high school. Oh, how my heart hurts thinking about it. Yet, I know it will feel right when the time it should.

Partners in crime!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bendaroos from Mammi and Big Daddy--- these things are so cool.. and keep you busy for hours!!!
This won the most practical gift award....PICKLES...your absolute favorite (and yes, we still eat them often for breakfast!!!!)

I was able to bring treats up to school today....can you guess what you wanted? The same thing you have asked for every year... Krispie Kream donuts!!! It just so happened that your class is studying Dr. Suess this week and Mrs. Adcox made green eggs and ham for snack, too. So, I guess you could say your class had a brunch today!

We look forward to celebrating more in a week or Sweet n Sassy!!! This birthday just gets to be enjoyed a lot longer than most.

I love you, my sweet, sweet girl. Your life has filled mine with more joy than I could have ever known possible.