Sunday, May 22, 2011

Day Three

This was my favorite day! I think because we took our time and did not "overplan" the day. We slept in a little bit and got a later start at Animal Kingdom. We knew the Safari ride got busy quickly, so we headed straight to it and got on with a relatively short wait. It was well worth it and you, girls, said you would do it again if we had had the time.

The animals all seemed to be out and we got some great shots!

I loved getting to focus on you all the whole week. It was amazing how happy we all were and you, girls, got along sooo well. I wish that would have come home with us!! :) I'll take it any chance I can, though!!!

The "Tree of Life". This was absolutely amazing. It had characters carved in the bark could stand at it and look for several minutes and keep seeing different ones. It was awesome. Inside it was a hilarious show..."A Bug's Life!" We all loved it!!

Ready for the show!!

It got very hot, very quickly that day. Our ice cream treat kept us cool!

Caleb had to catch a quick the shade!

The Lion King show was my very favorite!! I could have sat and watched it all day. The costumes, the dancing and singing were wonderful!!

This was your typical position, Caroline, during most shows...there were often loud parts and you were ready and prepared!!! You will laugh at this one day!!

We cooled off on Khali River Rapids...(reminded us "old people" of Opryland's Grizzly River Rampage) before heading back to the hotel to rest. We used our fast pass for this one and got right on!!!

Caleb was "done" at this point and needed a good nap at the hotel....

After a rest, we took a ferry over to the Wilderness Campground for a Dinner show called the Hoopty Doo Review. You girls weren't crazy about the food (although the adults were...), but you really loved the show!

One of the actors came over and took your seat, Caitlyn!!

We all got to make music on washboards at the end!!! The actors did a great job of involving the audience!!

Even Caleb enjoyed the show and did a lot of clapping!!

We headed back to the hotel and went to bed early for an early start the next morning at Hollywood Studios.

Friday, May 13, 2011


Well, this is how most days began...Caleb was always up early, so by the time we got to a park, he was ready for his morning nap. Daddy was always very willing to "wear" him during the cooler part of the day. Our first night there, Caleb cried for three straight hours (and I was worried this was going to be a LONG week!), but thankfully, that was just a one night event! Every night after you slept hard and all night long! Woohoo!! We chose to start at Magic Kingdom again and began in Future World...riding Astro Orbiter and the Buzz Light Year ride (Caleb even got on that one) because of the short lines!

Everywhere we walked, there was something to see and do. Disney really knows what they are doing!!!

Main Street dancers...........

Character meeting spots along the way..........Woody and Jesse!

Some friends suggested we take two stollers. I wasn't sure we would need them...but we DID!!! You girls rode in them just as much as Caleb did!!

Hiding from the sun!

One of the fabulous Princess Shows at the Castle

Riding Splash Mountain for the first time. This ended up being one of your very favorite rides the whole week. We even tricked Papa into getting on it!!

Mid day we were tired and luckily, the train had enough spots for us to ride back to the entrance of the park. Ah, a break!!!

On the way out, you girls found some hoola hoops and joined in the fun!!! Did I mention there was always something to see or do!? Ha!!

Late afternoon, Caleb and I and Mimi and Papa took a rest, while Big Daddy, Mammi and Daddy took you girls to the pool. Yes, it was warm enough in Februaury to swim!! That's Florida for you!

This is Daddy going from our hotel at Pop Century to Epcot that night on the bus. This is the way we traveled to and from most places all week. Most trips were not this spacious....we typically were crammed in like sardines with one of us holding Caleb on our laps. We were usually so tired and glad to be sitting down that it didn't bother us that much!

This night was one of our favorites the whole time we were there. It was your 8th birthday, Caitlyn, and so we celebrated it BIG at Akershus Castle at Epcot. You girls wanted to dress up for the meal. Each of you chose your own outfit before we left on the trip at home. You couldn't wait to meet the princesses!!!

Belle greeted us as we arrived (check out your expressions!). You were in awe most of the night!! Of course, you brought your character books for thier signatures.

I love this picture...Belle is one of Mariana's favorites. So precious...

Sleeping Beauty was so friendly..she spent a lot of time just talking with us at our table. You girls could hardly eat out of excitement!

So much for this prince....

Cinderella is still my very really was a fairytale night!!!

Snow White...we never did see her seven dwarfs. They must have been enjoying the amazing buffet!!!

And Ariel....Caitlyn's were hoping she would be in her mermaid tail!!

The meal WAS really amazing...Caleb thought so, too. Stealing some of Papa's mashed potatoes!!

And the CAKE...the princesses prepared it just for you, Caitlyn, with a card signed by all of them. We went on and on about how good it was almost like a custard. What a precious way to celebrate your 8th birthday, sweetie!

After dinner, we stayed for Epcot's Illumination Laser Show. It was beautiful!! (Although it was loud, which made it scary for you, Caroline!) Caleb got a great seat and enjoyed pulling Daddy's hair in the process!!!

This is becoming a trend, huh?