Thursday, February 10, 2011

Wrapping it up! December Part 2

On Christmas Eve morning we have, for the last several years, gone to Mimi and Papas for a brunch and to open gifts. It is always very anticipated!!! Tummies full and ready to open............

Caleb, it was a Cub's favorite gifts you got were two Cubs hats, one baseball cap and one stocking cap! Precious............

Mimi and Papa must have been talking with Santa a lot....they knew just what you had told him!!! A beautiful dress up dress and...........

a guitar!!!!!!!!!!!

We surprised Mimi with a new "Mimi" bracelet with all of our birthstones on it. She had lost hers a month before!!

It was a Tradition Homes Christmas, as well. Daddy had lots of Tradition Homes shirts and pullovers made for gifts. Great marketing scheme, Daddy!!!!

My favorite part of the entire Christmas season, was the Christmas Eve service at church. We have never attended before, but you girls were asked to dance in worship time with several other sweet, sweet girls. What an honor! It brought tears to my was a beautiful time of praise to our Lord for HIS AMAZING gift of Jesus to our world.

The Herrings even joined us for the service and dinner at Mammi and Big Daddy's after. Truly, a most treasured night!!

I wish my camera had done better, but it was dark. This is the only picture I got of you all dancing.

Our tradition on Chritmas Eve is to eat Turkey Hash at Mammi and Big Daddy's (this is Daddy's favorite Christmas event because of the hash!!). It sure felt different without the Dominguez crew!!

The guys solve the problems of the world............

The little guys were more concerned with eating.............

and sleeping............

but you girls were all about the gifts under the tree (of course!). Mammi and Big Daddy also must have known Santa's number or email and been in touch, because wouldn't you know it...items from your list made their way under their tree!! Here you are, Caroline, hidden by your new skates!

And you, Caitlyn, sporting your new cape, mask and silver high heel shoes!!!
So what did Santa have to bring.....?

A Taylor Swift CD........

A new fish.........

and some fun money!!!!

It was books for Caleb's first Christmas!

Here you are, buddy, at our annual Christmas morning breakfast (that has now moved to April and Dylan's house) with your Cub stocking cap. Love it!!!

This was the BIG deal this year and you girls had NO IDEA!! We planned a Disneyworld trip for February, but we wanted to save it and tell you for part of your gift. After our wonderful brunch, we gathered around the computer and skyped Amy and Mariana. (We had worked this all out with Amy earlier). I had each of you unwrap a box. In yours, Caitlyn, was written the words, "We are..." and yours Caroline, the words, "going to" and Amy had done the same for Mariana and in her box were the words "DISNEY WORLD!!"

This was you watching Mariana open hers and realize what was happening........

You both cried!!! It was so sweet!!!

I love this picture of you, Caroline, getting some tips from Dylan!

Another of my favorite traditions is when Mr. Davis comes over with his French horn and plays a bunch of classic Christmas carols. We will miss this "concert" one day when he is gone!

I had to capture this moment on film. We taught you both how to play one of our family's favorite games...Phase 10. You both learned quickly and spent several hours playing it over the break.

At New Years, we have one last celebration with the Manchester folks. Here you are with cousin Shane. He and his wife Tammy are expecting a little girl in the spring!! We are so happy for them!!

We love Bradley, Thomas and Lillianne! You are all so close in age, it makes getting together easy and loads of fun!

Dear Sara and Brian!

This picture brings a smile to my face. Aunt Rhonda was diagnosed with cancer this year and has gone through chemo, radiaiton and surgery. She has had some very difficult days, but has kept her humor and radiant smile. She is one of my favorite ladies in the whole world and we pray 2011 will bring her much health and peace!!!
So, as we move forward to a new year, we think back on this year of 2010 with gratefulness and reflection on all the Lord continues to do for us. We are blessed beyond measure!

Wrapping it up!! December Part 1

We start early....decorating, baking, making lists, shopping (well, I wish I started that early!) and singing carols....yet it always seems to fly by! This year was no exception. The holiday season was full of family, food, gifts and celebrations. You girls get into it more every year and your excitment and joy is contagious. Here is Caroline's list. I failed to get yours Caitlyn, but I remember well what was on yours...dress up dresses (wonder when that will end?), dress up shoes, money (it starts early!) and Taylor Swift CD.

Telling Santa your heart's desires........

My favorite three Christmas angels!!!

With the colder weather, in come the dogs. You and Max have enjoyed getting to know one another!! Caleb, you get "love licked" daily!

We got several snowfalls in December.....the sledding never gets old...but we do get tired out quickly!

More pictures of dance to come, but here you both are with your teachers. Caroline and Miss Rachel and Caitlyn and Miss Krista. You both are taking beginning ballet. We LOVE Fellowship Dance....such godly and loving women to teach you that you we can worship Jesus by dancing!

Just a few school Christmas party pictures............

After school let out for the holidays, we had several super fun playdates with friends!

The Herring boys......

Making Gingerbread houses at Mimi's with Oakley and Brooke.......

And...baking with Marissa!

The first of our family get togethers was at Mama Jean and Grandaddy's. Mama Jean's health has slowly deteriorated this year and we wanted to make sure she could be apart of the celebration.

Caleb sure had a fun time and gave us all lots of laughs!!

Each year, we document with a picture. My heart tells me that this may be the last group picture with Mama Jean with us, so it is extra special!!