Friday, March 26, 2010

Celebrating Spring!!!!!!!!!

We got to attend your last spring program at Otter Creek last week, Caroline (wipe a tear!). What a precious, precious 5 years we have shared with the ladies of OC preschool with both you and Caitlyn!! I will MISS that place soooo much next year........but so thankful little Caleb will get the chance to experience it in 3 short years!! This year's theme was Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes. Here was the stage decorations.

You all sang three sweet songs...we had heard bits and pieces of them around the house days before.
I so wish my camera did better in the fellowship hall...I have never gotten a great picture of an OC performance...they always turn out so dark. You looked adorable in your green! (I told Daddy that day that it is time for a new camera, for sure!!! Having Caleb is a wonderful excuse!!!)

Mr. Russ came up at the end and sang songs with you and included us, the audience. I really did tear up when we all sang "Do you love Jesus?"

Your audience........Papa, Mimi, Mammi and Big Daddy (minus Daddy and I!) You were tickled to have all your grandparents there just for YOU!

It's, of course, too cold to open the pool yet, but we allowed you and Caitlyn to hop in the hot tub one warm evening last week..............soooooo fun!!!!!!!!! We are soooo happy to see you again, Mr. Sunshine!!!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Annual Gatlinburg Trip and Caitlyn's Birthday!

Each year in the winter we begin getting excited about and counting down the days until our annual Family Gatlinburg trip. We take off on a long weekend for some lazy days in the mountains, full of............ Lots of relaxing and naps.........

Talk time...........


and more games!!!

And of course, some tickle time from Big Daddy!!!
This year was slightly different because sweet Josue' got sick with a tummy bug that he lovingly gave to several of us........we were a bit more on edge and reclusive because of that, but still managed to make some great memories.

One of my favorite memories was celebrating your 7th birthday while we were there. You had been talking about wanting a surprise party, so Daddy took you out shopping one morning while I went and got a cake and balloons. We had brought up gifts for you, as well. We all hid and when you and Daddy came in, we jumped out and yelled "surprise!". You cried (out of joy!) was a precious moment for me and Daddy!

It's so hard (I know I say this each year) to believe you are seven. You are growing way to fast! You continue to be our girly girl...full of desires to dress up, play princess, and do hair, nails and make up. You even are beginning to take an interest in BOYS....ugh. Since starting school you have grown up in the ways you talk and think. We have really good conversations, when you are in the mood to talk. You are becoming increasingly more independent in what you can do and help with around the house. I tell you a lot that you are becoming a "little lady" and you smile. You are still very persistent...especially when it is something you want to do. You don't give up and are a smart negotiater. You have become a wonderful reader and speller. Your friends continue to be very important to you and most days, you would choose to be with friends over family (and I have to remind myself that is normal and good). We are so proud of you and love watching your mature and develop.

The "girl" cousins.........

Laughing and excited about your Hannah Montana music card from Caroline.......

Still into princess.......(I'm so glad!) and happy with your new jean vest from Mammi and Big Daddy.

Kisses to Mimi for another amazing handmade surprise.........

Another pink, sparkly, dress up dress................

Another theme of the weekend was holding and loving over our newest Gatlinburg member...Price. He is growing so much and is so sweet!!!!!!!!! Next year, he will be walking around!

Look at those eyes..............

Your birthday desire was to go ice skating. I wish more of us could have been there. I stayed in the cabin (as did most others) helping to take care of Caroline who got the "bug". You and Daddy had a fun time with Mimi, Papa and Big Daddy watching.

You were worn out after..........
After the sickies past, we did pedicures...........what a girly treat!!!

A group shot........the five cousins. Price (2 months), Josue' (1), Mariana (3), Caitlyn (7) and Caroline (5).
Two random shots...........

Caroline, you and I enjoy "our days" on Tuesdays. I realized these are coming to an end quickly. One of the things you ask to do regularly is to go see Granny. My heart swells that you want to be with her and visit. She doesn't know who we are anymore, but it sure does make her happy to have us with her!!! I pray you and Caitlyn have memories of her when you are older.

Finally, Caleb, you are growing like crazy and are a mover already!!! You girls love to feel brother and watch my tummy roll. Here we are at 6 1/2 months.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

What happened to February?!

I realized the other day I had not blogged AT ALL for the month of February.... so here is just a recap of part of our month.
I cherish that you still LOVE to dress up! I know the time is coming for it to end (at least in pretty princess'll probably always like to "dress up"), so I enjoy being a spectator of all your "imaginary" play these days. Three beauties..........

Dressing up in Granny's hats..........
The McInturff's love Disney and have AWESOME dress up girls were in HEAVEN!!! If we ever decide to take the plunge and take a trip to Disney, these friends will be a big help in guiding our plans!!!

The first Sunday of each month, Otter Creek celebrates birthday Sunday. You and Paisely share the same birthday month and I got the privilege of helping in Kid's worship that Sunday, so stole a quick picture while I was with you!

Enjoying your cake!

Reading the paper with Daddy.............

Enjoying a Valentines Party at Lipscomb Elementary..........was it cold in there, Caitlyn?

Celebrating your birthday at school with Mrs. Upton. You asked me to bring Krispy Kreme Donuts to share with your class.
We sure have enjoyed our time at "Let it Shine" gymnastics and, Caroline, you have learned so much! You decided you wanted to try t-ball this spring, though, so we are going to take a break from gymnastics for awhile.

You sure did love "Miss" Tabby. She was a wonderful teacher and encourager.

We took our annual trip to Gatlinburg and celebrated Caitlyn's 7th birthday while we were there at the end of the month. More to come on that soon...............