Friday, September 13, 2013

December 2011-Part 1- Come, Let us adore HIM!

 This is always an incredibly busy, but fun and festive month!  The time to celebrate Christ's birth!! 
Caitlyn, you got to start off the month singing a solo in your Christmas program in chorus!  You did such a good job!  It was extra fun because you got to wear your pajamas!
Our annual Smith/Green Christmas.  The group of kids gets bigger every year! This year, Ryan and Kristen got to be here with their new baby girl, Rhys.  I love the way you enjoy being together so much!


Another annual event that Mimi started....Gingerbread houses!  You begin doing this when you were very little with she lets you invite a friend to come to the house and do it with you.  Caitlyn, you asked Malia this year, but we had already taken her home in this picture!

Here we are enjoying the outdoor fire and roasting marshmallows at Kevin and Ashley's.  They hosted the Dowlen Christmas this year.  It was a unique Christmas this year without Mama Jean and with two new family members entering the world soon.

 Piper Dowlen is expected to make her arrival in the spring....
.... and Gavin proposed to Jennifer and they will be married in June!

They asked you two to be flower excited!!!
Oh, and here we are...the annual gingerbread cookie decorating and Christmas Eve celebration (well, this year was Chrismas EVE EVE!) at Mammi and Big Daddy's!
The new Dominguez family of five!!
Sleeping bags!!!  Perfect for all those sleepovers, huh, girls!?
Since Mammi and Big Daddy have 8 grandchildren now, they give each of you a book, pjs, one gift  and a stocking full of goodies
Mimi and Papa always join in the fun.  Reed is getting so good loving!!
Uncle Wes is a great entertainer....
All eight with Mammi and Big Daddy!!
Is eight enough?!