Monday, September 26, 2011

April-SPRING is here and so is NEW LIFE!!

Ah, my favorite flower....and these are in our yard. A beautiful sign of new life all around us...spring time is here!!!

Springtime brings tons of outside you will see in our busy month!!

We had a small baby shower at the beginning of the month to help Camille and Wes prepare for baby Reed.

Reed will be one blessed and loved little Dozier!!!

And speaking of little people, here you all are hearing Amy and Leoncio's BIG news on Skype...a new baby Dominguez is on it's way AND....

THEY ARE MOVING BACK HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Time for one of our FAVORITE spring activites....your softball games, Caroline!!

It becomes a family affair!!!

What a fun day we had at our first Easter Egg Hunt with some of your school buddies!!

Caleb, you enjoyed crawling in the grass and being free!!

"Where are those eggs!!??"

A springtime tradition...dying Easter Eggs with Mammi~

This year we made put some "kisses" in Easter eggs and took them to Granny and her friends at Wellington...

They always love seeing you your sweet faces!

We love to make Granny happy!!!

"Hey! This thing is cool!!"

"What's down there!?"

EARLY, Easter morning checking out the loot!!

My precious Easter bunnies!!!

Our family................

Hunting eggs in Mammi and Big Daddy's yard in your new pjs you got from them!!

Sharing with Price...........

Caleb, here you are enjoying your new Easter basket from Grandmommy!! Perfect size for you!

And here is Max...enjoying you!!!!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

March- A little of this and a little of that!

Well, we didn't rest long after we got back from Disney before doing something memorable!!

Caitlyn, you have wanted to get your ears pierced for such a long time, but our rule was you needed to be 8. big eight year were "itching" to get to it as soon as we got home from our trip. We called our good friend, Claire, and headed to Divas and Dudes!! Checking out your lobes....

Here goes.........

You were a great supporter for Claire...

Big girls!!!!

Caitlyn, you have gotten so into reading and I LOVE IT!!! You learn so much knowledge from reading. You are choosing books about mermaids, friends, and mysteries.

Caleb, you just LOVE bath time. It's so fun to watch you splash, splash, splash!!

We got together with family to celebrate Caitlyn one more time and to open a few presents!

Here you are wearing your necklace that Caroline made you and super excited over your purse from Wes and Camille!!!

Price and Mammi enjoying dinner....
Baskin Robbins ice cream cake!!!

Modeling your new mermaid fin from Mimi and Papa

Happy Birthday, sister!!

Exploring the fridge...........

Helping Daddy with the dishes.........

My snaggle tooth girl...front baby teeth are gone.

March means warmer weather...

and time outside.....YAY!!!

"This feels so good to my teething gums!!!"

We ended the month with a spring break play date with the Dyes and made Claire a cake to celebrate her 9th birthday. We love you, Claire!!!