Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The things you say...........

There have been so many things you girls have said that I have failed to write down that I have already forgotten and it makes me so sad. some attempt to remember, I want to record a few that I have gotten tickled over this summer.

We were sorting through clothes one day and making piles. You said, "Mommy, all of these are mine, jacept (except) this one".
We have been discussing what respect and disrespect means lately.... A LOT. You were playing with your dolls the other day and put one in time out. Daddy asked you why and you said, "She didn't aspect me!"
One night right before bed, you asked me to pick you up. We were hugging and then you pulled back, put your hands on my face and said, "You're my LOVE MAMA!!!"
Speaking of love, I love the way you say your sisters name........and I know I'll miss it when you get it right one day.........."Cakelin"

I realized how much I must say the word "hysterical" the other night when you were watching something on TV. You being laughing so hard and said, "Mommy, that was asterical!!!"
One morning we were eating breakfast. You didn't like what I had and asked why people liked different foods. I told you that everyone's taste buds were different and that we didn't all have to like the same things. Later that night you told me you didn't want any mashed potatoes because your "taste bugs" didn't like them.
I am always trying to get you girls to drink more water and I have explained that it is the healthiest thing to drink. You have also heard in church that Jesus is called "living water". So, one day in the car, Caroline didn't want her water, but wanted milk. You begin to explain that our bodies need lots of water to live and that the more water you drink, the more Jesus lives inside of you.

Oh, such precious words to my ears.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Animal Kingdom

It has been a fun summer with animals around our house. We decided to order caterpillars and watch the metamorphosis to a butterfly. You girls LOVED this.......and so did I. Five of them came in this cup of food and ate and ate and ate every day for about 10 days. They doubled in size daily. Here they are eating............

We moved them to their tent once they crawled to the top of the jar and made their coccoons.

We only got to watch one push his way out of the cocoon--all the others chose to do it when we were sleeping or out. Here you are, Caitlyn, talking to one of the butterflies....

After watching them for about 3 days in the tent, we picked a pretty morning and let them go.

That same week, we were in the garage playing and we saw a momma bird come in (very close to us) with something in her mouth. We watched as she jumped up to a blue basket in our garage...........after she left, we quietly went over to check it out. There were five baby birds in a nest there. They must have been there for a few weeks without us ever knowing. Here is the nest AFTER the baby birds left it and begin to learn to fly.

I snapped a few pictures of the baby birds in our garage, learning to fly. It was such a neat experience, watching as they would attempt to go from one spot to another, sometimes falling down the walls, and hearing the mother bird call to them to try and keep up with where they were. Unfortunately, Max and Bailey were very interested in the birds, too!!!!

That very same week, I went out one morning to check on the birds and found this guy in the garage, too.
Of course, we still LOVE on our animals that are with us on a daily basis. Dandy is a sure joy to visitors and appreciates an apple or carrot when we have one for him.
Bailey and Max keep you girls laughing and give you both a resting place every now and then!!!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The garden

Do you remember the picture of the garden we planted back in early May? Here it is now in July. It has been so fun to water it daily and watch the process. Here are some of the first veggies we picked. Even since taking this picture, we have enjoyed more tomatoes, which make for delicious BLT sandwhiches and Mommy has had fun looking for recipes I can use my fresh basil in. We are awaiting the cantaloups that are getting close to taking off the vine. Caroline, you are especially excited about this. "Melon" is your favorite fruit right now and one of the ONLY healthy things you devour!!! With the prices of fruits and veggies going up so much, it has been nice to save even a few dollars while tasting organic produce (I hardly ever buy organic at the store!)

Speaking of things growing, our neighbors brought over some of their handpicked blackberries from their bushes. So........we had to make them into something sweet. Here you are cutting out shapes for the crust for our blackberry cobbler. Oh, was it good with some vanilla ice cream!!!

I thought I would add this one. This was before church one Sunday.......styling with your new short hair. Caitlyn, you asked to cut yours really short. I agreed, but only to your shoulders...mommy still loves yours in a ponytail!!! I like this one, too, because it truly "looks" like the two of you adore each other. Of course, this is one of the rare shots I have gotten that hasn't involved one of you hitting or pushing the other. Mercy, sibling rivalry might just do me in!!!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Daddy--our favorite ball player!!!

We have had a tradition now for about six years.....spending Monday nights in spring and summer at Granny White Park to watch Daddy play softball. I started going before the two of you were even born and it has now become a family gathering. When the games are early, we pack a picnic dinner and play on the playground first.'s time to cheer for Daddy and the other Otter Creek Daddies! Here he is at his position---focused and ready to catch that ball.

Caitlyn, I think you were giving Daddy some pointers before he hit!

Give us a homerun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The loyal fans......................

You love to go out during the prayer with the entire group.
Your very favorite part is playing in the dirt after the game is over!

We can't wait for next year!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy America!

These were sent in the mail this week from "Miss" Sara. She is soooo talented and thoughtful. Thank you, Sara. I loved it when I heard you describing them to Mammie, Caitlyn. You said, "Look, Mammie! These are our happy America shoes!!!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Where did June go?

I look back over the month and realize I have missed posting on so many things. It has already been one full summer! We have enjoyed the lazy, long days of summer--eating, playing, swimming, seeing friends, occasionally fussing at each other (ha!), celebrating our wonderful daddies, learning new tricks, resting (really passing out from exhaustion), and doing our very best to cherish these times together. Fall will be here before we know it and a whole new schedule will begin. Here are just a few of my favorite shots over the last month.

So tired..................

Fun with friends

Celebrating with our Fathers