Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Spring Break-Part II

The end of the week we were back in full swing and it was full of activity. Mariana spent all day with us on Wednesday and we had a tea party and made home made pizza! You all were geat helpers.

Here you are stirring the flour and pressing and rolling the dough.

It turned out great!!! We shared some with Daddy and Aunt Amy for supper!!!

On Friday, we spent time at Mammi's house dying Easter eggs........a favorite tradition of yours. Mammi teaches four year olds at Goodpasture Preschool and she had the same spring break as we did, so we got to spend some extra time with her!!! Otter the Penguin is in the picture with us, Caroline. He is your class mascot in "Miss Betsy's" class and he got to spend the whole week at out house with us. I think we wore him out!!!

That afternoon was GORGEOUS outside. We skipped naps and just played, played, played. You two spent the longest time with your "car". It had broken down and was at the "car doctor" getting fixed.

Checking out the engine.........

and filling up the gas..........

My precious, precious girls stop for a smile.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Spring Break-Part I

Yes, this is how the beginning of your Spring Break this year began. You caught a tummy bug and hung out with "THE BOWL" all day on Monday. I hate it when you or Caroline are sick. You are so pitiful.......but, you are so sweet, too. You want to snuggle and rest all day. I know when the fussing and sassiness comes back, you are feeling better!!! Caroline, you on the other hand, felt great and spent all of your waking hours on Monday like this. We are in the process of getting the ground outside leveled off for a playset. You thought this bobcat was the coolest thing. The only time you came in was to go to the bathroom or eat a snack, then you were right back out. You were a great supervisor!

Tuesday morning was a slow start, but by lunch you were feeling so much better, Caitlyn. YAY!! We stayed in PJ's all day, but still enjoyed the outdoors. It was so nice and warm!!
Mr. Jim is the owner of this company and you girls fell in love with him. He was a true cowboy and he was so kind to you. This is a picture of he and Daddy talking about the work.

At one point, Caroline, you begged me to go upstairs to help you look like Mr. Jim. This was the best we could come up with. He loved it!!!!!!!!

Caitlyn, you finally felt well enough to go outside. You two didn't even want to come in for lunch, so I made you lunch and you ate outside while you watched. Daddy and I laughed so hard at you two---it was like you were at a sports event!!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Bunnies and Sheep!

Last Thursday was Otter Creek Preschool's Spring Program. Caitlyn, your class were sheep. You all looked so cute.........with sheep heads made special by our very own "Mimi!!". My camera ran out of battery, or else I would have captured our beloved Mimi with you and Caroline after the program (Mammi and Papa came too!). Here you are singing, "I just want to be a sheep..baa..baa..baa...baa. Praise the Lord, my soul to keep, I just want to be a sheep!!" Caroline, your class was bunnies and oh, how sweet you all looked!!! I wish I had gotten closer to get better pictures, but I hope you can get the idea! Here you are singing, "It's a hip hop happy day!" Your bunny ears kept sliding off and you were soooo concerned. You managed to pop them back up each time they fell, though.

This is you when you realized where we were in the audience.

Ellie Fogelberg, Caitlyn Green and Christian Mcinturff reciting the Lord is my Shepherd.

These last two pictures are when all of the classes came together to sing at the end. It was one of my favorite programs yet. Caitlyn, it was your last program at Otter Creek--next year you will be in Kindergarten and oh, how sister will miss you!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Girl's night!!!!!!

Caitlyn, this year, in place of a big friend birthday party, we decided to have just a few of your close girl friends over for a sleep over!!! You were so you and Caroline are waiting anxiously at the door for the girls to arrive. These girls are all so special to you.....each of them you have known since you were a baby......... Claire Dye, Avery Vasquez and Anna Kate Hiett. I look forward to what the years ahead hold in your friendships, Caitlyn. Having deep friendships is one of earth's greatest blessings. Dear friends are a place to go to confide secrets in, to share sadnesses and joys with, and most of all a place where you are loved, accepted and understood for who you are. I know in my life, I have been overwhelmed and blessed beyond measure with the deep friendships I am apart of. The beauty about friends, too, is that each one is different. Each friend you will ever have will give to you and bless you in their own special and unique way. Your friends will help shape who you become.
Here are the five of you eating your own pizzas that we made. After supper, we made ice cream sundaes, opened presents, dressed up and painted our nails. You all giggled until I thought you couldn't giggle anymore. What "girly girls" you all were that night!!!!!!!!

You received gifts that are brand new to our house.....Polly Pockets and make-up. Mercy, what am I in for?

Avery had to leave early......we missed her the rest of the night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posing for a picture after our ice cream-------I think you were all on a sugar high!!!!

Finally, resting.........aahh!!!! We were watching Gigi, God's little Princess. You sweet princesses slept all night........I wonder if that will happen in five more years at your slumber parties?! I'm guessing not!!

This is what we woke up to the next morning........4 inches of snow!!! The sun was out and shining on the snow, it made it hard to keep our eyes open. Here you are with Anna Kate, trying to smile for a picture!!! It took us about 20 minutes to get suited up and ready to go out and we only ended up staying out for about 15 minutes. Oh well, at least we tried it!!!!! What a fun and memorable time we had!!! I'm sure there are many more of these girl's nights in our future!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

A little conversation with Caroline

We had just gotten home and I was waiting on you. You have this habit of taking your shoes off as soon as you get in the car. So.......because I wanted YOU to walk I was just sitting in the passenger side until you put your shoes back on. You finally climbed up front, handed your shoes to me, and proceed to sit down behind the steering wheel.
"I'm driving a plane, mommy. I'm going to see God."
"OK, babe. What will you do when you see God?"
"I'll say, "Hey God, I'm sleeping in your bed for awhile."
"What is God's bed like, Caroline?"
"It's like a super hero bed!!"
I never could get you to describe a super hero bed, or how you even knew what a super hero was (all we ever talk about is princesses and Barbies). We did decide, though, that it MUST be super big and super soft. I must admit.......I wouldn't mind climbing up in that big bed and sleeping for awhile, too.
NOW............How about those shoes, Caroline?!?!?!