Monday, April 30, 2012

September- A new beginning...

What a great start to the two love your teachers, Mrs. Carroll and Mrs. Carter.  They are perfect for both of you.  Lipscomb continues to be such a wonderful place for you to learn and grow.
 LES Fall anticipated event every new school year.  Hard to believe this is the fouth one we have attended! Time is flying so quickly!!
You are fascinated with vaccuums, buddy!  Let's just hope this lasts!!!
Crazy hair day at of the many fun days of Spirit Week!
Before your Daddy/ Daughter date to the Taylor Swift concert!!!  What a sweet memory!
One of the last hot days of guys got out and washed my car...I wonder how long you will all think that job is fun!? (I'm sure doing it in your birthday suit WILL NOT last, Caleb!)
Walking with Daddy to get the mail..

A date with Mommy to the Factory to paint pottery and have some "girl talk!" 

Monday, April 9, 2012

August-wrapping it up!

We do a lot of entertaining all's so fun to share good memories with friends and family. With school starting, August always feels like a shorter month, but we managed to squeeze in just a few more get togethers.

Daddy's high school buddies and their families

The Milom crew
and the Lawrence crew....
Between all the comings and goings, look who learned to walk!!!

We were all ready for a new change of begins for my 3rd and 1st grader!!!
You, girls, miss your brother during the school day and can't wait to get home to "play" with him!!
Mid month, we celebrated Grandmommy's birthday with a final swim party!

The little ones...and the big ones!!

My big helper......
The first of many playdates with two new friends this year...Alyson Nordstrom and Malia Bennie
So thankful for sweet families at LES!!!