Saturday, June 26, 2010

Introducing Caleb Daniel Green..............

I'm smiling as I write these words.............introducing our son, Caleb Daniel Green, to the world is my honor and joy!!! Welcome sweet little boy. A boy...still hard to believe you are ours and that you are a BOY!! Life will never be the same, will it?!
I am so thankful God knew we needed you. There were many days over the last five years that I wondered if I could do it again.....yet, the entire time I felt that my heart was not complete. I told God time and time again I would be done and be at peace if that was HIS WILL, but I also told him I felt a hole. I asked HIM to be the one to decide if it needed filling with a child or something else. HE showed me my answer in YOU, precious child. May you always know you were PRAYED FOR and WANTED. Your timing in our lives is PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Here I am the night before we went in to induce my labor. It was Memorial Day. I had never been induced, so I was pretty nervous, but very ready!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Look at that tummy!! (I think you were ready, too)!

Here I am, the morning of June 1st, before I really started hurting (and before my epidural). I was soo excited to meet you. My labor went very quickly...they started the medicine about 6AM and you were here at 10:44AM!

Your first few breaths..................

Weighing in.............7lbs, 8oz. You were the smallest baby I had! That won't be the case forever, little man!!

You, Mommy and our DEAR Dr. Morgan, who took SUCH good care of us!!!!!!!!

SUCH a proud moment and SUCH a proud Daddy!!!

Your first few kisses................the first of thousands from these two!!!

VERY proud big sisters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My new I am trying to nurse you with "very curious" onlookers. Buddy, I'm sorry, but you are NOT gonna have much space for awhile...your sisters will make sure of that!! :))

Ready to go the same outfit your Daddy wore to come home in!!! We think you sure do look like Daddy!!!

Here we go....home with THREE children!!! The beginning of an incredible journey...............

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Savoring the memories.....