Saturday, May 31, 2008

Time to plant

Daddy and I have wanted to have a small garden for awhile now.......especially now, with the price of fruit and veggies going up!! Working the ground and the whole process of planting and growing things is such a testiment to God's power. Yes, it is our hands that prepare the dirt and plant the seed, but for the food to grow is ALL up to GOD.
We went down to Franklin's Farmers Market a few weekends ago.... which is a whole other experience and one we will revisit again!!! We wanted your help to choose what we would put in our new garden. We chose tomatoes, carrots, green bell peppers, squash, broccoli, cucumber, cataloupe, strawberries and pumpkins. Because our space is not huge, we only got a few of each to try.

Here you are helping Daddy plan out the order of the plants and then, actually helping to plant each one. Caitlyn, you were most excited about your new "work" gloves--a girl has to have the right atttire when doing anything, right?!

The finished product.....we look forward to watering and seeing what will grow, when it will grow and finally, tasting the spoils!!!!!!!!!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Time to rest

We have been sick for a week. Actually, today is going on day eight. We have all been sick at different points and some of us, twice. It has not been easy at times being home bound. I realize at times like these, that I do like being on the go most of the time. At certain times I have had to really choose to be OK with being here and purposefully, being lazy. I don't want it to be that hard to relax and rest. I so want to pass down to you, girls, an example of a woman who knows when to stop and take care of her body and spirit. I want you to see me doing for others and being productive, but I also want you to learn how to do "nothing" and to be totally at peace with that occasionally. We need those times of stillness to rejuvenate our bodies and our minds to be ready to get back in the game we call life.
I can honestly say I am thankful for these "sick days". I am ready for all of us to feel better, but I hope when we are back to more fast pace days, we will more easily be able to slow and enjoy the quiet days at home.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

End of the year celebration!!!

Caroline, last week your class had an end of the year party. It was so much fun! There were bubbles, hulla hoops, parachutes, balloons, music, and food. What more could three year old's want? You have had such a wonderful first school year experience. We were blessed to get "Miss" Betsy again (Caitlyn had her during her first year, too). She is such a special, godly woman who LOVES to sing, dance and create things. At the first of the year she told us her main goals were to help you learn that school was a fun place to be and that you were loved. I can assuredly say those goals were met with you!!! You will miss her and "Miss Jeannie" so much this summer, but will be so ready to go back in the fall for new friends and new loving teachers.

Sweet "Miss" Jeannie

You and "Miss" Betsy (she was so teary saying goodbye)

Take me out to the ballgame!!!

This spring season has given us lots of reasons to be outside. One of our favorite new things to do is to go and cheer on our best buddies that play baseball!!! It is so fun for me and Daddy, too, because I can remember years of sitting on the bleachers and watching Daddy play. It brings back lots of memories, for sure.
Will you two do the same one day? Or will you be players yourselves? (Your daddy would LOVE that!) Here are a few great moments I captured with some of our favorite ball players........ Carter Milom

Coal Dye (the person you say you will marry, Caroline!)

Brock Dunsmore

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Mother's Day is quickly becoming my favorite holiday!!! Ha!! WHAT a special weekend we shared together. Girls, you and Daddy made me feel so honored and valued with so many little things......hugs, sweet words, handmade gifts and cards, kisses and most importantly, your time. I loved every part of it!!!! The celebrating actually started early last Thursday when your class, Caitlyn, treated the moms to a luncheon at Mrs. Fisher's house. It ended up raining, but that didn't stop you all from playing in the rain and making some fun memories. You served us a yummy lunch in a even helped Mrs. Fisher make the sandwhiches and cookies. It was so good! Towards the end of the luncheon, you presented me with a beautiful picture, your handprint, and a poem. What treasures they are to me, sweet girl. I will always remember this day.

Your class at Mrs. Fisher's

Caroline, you also had a special gift for mommy when I picked you up from school. Your class made beautiful garden stones. I can't wait to pick the perfect spot for mine. It means so much that your hands made it just for me with love. The potholder in the picture below was made by both of you one day when you were at Mimi's. You gave it to me when we were all together this weekend celebrating. I just loved it and had been needing a new one.......badly!!!

What fun we had on Saturday at Mimi and Papa's with Bradley and Thomas, Sara, Grandmommy, Aunt Rhonda, Uncle Darroll, Shane and Tammy......our families love being together for any occasion!

Curled up with Mimi after playing soooooo hard.

The last two pictures were taken when we celebrated on Sunday with Mammi, Big Daddy, Amy, Leoncio, Mariana, Wes and Camille. Truly, it was my favorite kind of weekend.......being with those I love and hold most dear is gift enough for a lifetime!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Let the Earth Rejoice!

This past weekend was wonderful!!! Caitlyn, you took dance this year for the first time at Fellowship Bible Church and absolutely loved it. Your recital was Saturday and the theme was "Let the Earth Rejoice". It was an amazing show! Dancers from the ages of three to thirty three performed. Mommy could have sat there all day and watched. It truly was a worshipful experience! I love that you are learning that you can praise God in so many different ways and sweet girl, dancing is, for sure, one of those!!! Each class represented a different country and your class was Russia. Here you are in your lovely outfit. I also had to capture a picture of your bun----mommy worked sooooooo hard on this and you were patient enough to let me do three times!!!

You and Anna Kate performing.... Daddy and I were so proud of you--you smiled the whole time!!

The next day was another special, special day. It was one of those perfect spring time days. We had not been out to the farm in several months because of the cold weather. The farm is such a precious place for all of us. We share it with two other familes...the Shaubs and the Dunsmores, both of which are like family to us. We like going out there to be in nature and slow down. The Dunsmores met us out there for Daddy and Mr. Baird to do some yard work while the rest of us played. Truly, the earth was rejoicing while we played and marveled at it's beauty.

Caroline, you love babies.....sometimes a little too much. Here you are giving baby Brooks some of your good loving!
Bryson followed Bailey and Max around all day.....he even picked them flowers at one point. I think he is having a great conversation with Bailey in this picture.

YAY~ the jeep! We keep it out here as a fun to explore the land this way!

Caitlyn, you and Brock had a ball wading out in the pond and getting dirty. You stopped just for a second so I could snap a picture.

Thank you, Lord, for a gorgeous weekend and time to praise your marvelous deeds.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Simple truths

Life's smallest creatures can remind us of God's truths in SUCH mighty ways!! We have been fascinated with the catapillars ("capatillars" according to you, Caroline) this spring. There have been so many in our yard, we couldn't help but play with them. Caitlyn, you have been so concerned that we put them together so they could have each other as companions!!! For me, they have been such a sweet reminder to pay attention to the details of life.......because so often it is the little things that bring purpose and create in us true beauty.
I feel like so often I am a machine that just jumps from one task to the other and oh, how I forget to stop and really SEE the two of you and TALK. I want to be better about sharing with you things on my mind and heart--things I want to pass down for you to process and hopefully, turn into your own passions. Life goes so fast and I want you to learn how to live in the moment--something I am JUST now learning to do! So......girls, you may not appreciate this now, but I wanted to make a list of things that have been rolling around in my head as of late......b/c you know I WILL FORGET!!!

1.) Forgive others when they have wronged you--whether or not they ever ask.
2.) Laugh---often!!!!!!
3.) Take time to figure out what you love and then even more time doing those things.
4.) READ!!! It teaches you so much.
5.) Tell people how you feel about them constantly.
6.) Be grateful in every situation--there is ALWAYS good to be found.
7.) Seek out the best in people and focus on those things in your relationships with them.
8.) DANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
9.) Wait for things you want with patient expectation---it will happen just as it should if you don't force it.
10.) Don't be afraid to allow new people to come into your life--even if you think your life is already too full. You will be blessed!
11.) Find time to sit and be still--an amazing strength can be found there.
12.) Tell God about EVERY emotion you feel--no matter how raw and ugly it is. There is healing found in doing so.
13.) DON"T judge others---you have your own weaknesses that you are blind to. We are all the same deep down and struggle in the same ways.
14.) Spend focused time with your family (I promise you will be so thankful for the memories one day!)
15.) Don't say "yes" to things too soon. Learn to really question the reason behind doing things.
16.) Fight comparing yourselves to others. You always compare your worst to their best and that only leads to discouragement. WE ALL HAVE UNIQUE things given to us by our Heavenly Father---He will show you how to use the gifts, if you seek it out.
17.) Surround yourself with people that are REAL, HONEST, POSITIVE and full of HOPE!!!
18.) Don't let fear stop you from the JOY of today. The past is gone, the future is full of growth and God is ALREADY there. He will sustain and be what you need at all times.
19.) Let days unfold occasionally without planning----WHAT purpose and unexpected blessing can come.
20.) Share your weaknesses with safe people---oh, what comfort you will find when you do.

My mind is often unsettled and my thoughts are so fleeting, but I PRAY God can sort through the mess and GUIDE me to teach you HIS truths as I learn them myself through His Spirit.
Now.......on to enjoying the little moments of today.