Tuesday, April 12, 2011

We interrupt this monthly update for...............DISNEY DAYS!!! February 25th-March 2


Well...the time was finally here!! We had been counting down the days since Christmas in anticipation. You two were sooo excited!! You had been wanting to go to Disneyworld for years. We decided this was the best time to go since the princesses are still fascinating to you both (and may not be much longer) AND because Caleb is not walking yet! When we told family what we were thinking, everyone wanted to go! Camille, Wes and Price weren't able to go because Camille was very pregnant with baby Reed and Leoncio needed to stay and keep Josue' and work. We missed them, but vowed to take another "boys" trip in five years or so again!! Waiting and watching for "our" plane..........

Getting ready to board........... (so much to take!!! :))

Caroline, you rode with Mimi and Papa and Caitlyn rode with me, Daddy and Caleb.
Caleb, you did amazingly well on the plane. Thank goodness for videos!!!

Here we are on the tram at the Orlando airport headed to board our Disney bus to our hotel.

Once we arrived at Pop Century Resort, we headed for the dining room to meet Big Daddy and Mammi (who had arrived the day before). It took us awhile, but we learned all about the awesome dining plan!! We ate soooo well on the trip!

Amy and Mariana came a few hours later. Here you are, girls, mobbing Mari as she got off the bus! You hadn't seen her in 5 months....the longest you have ever gone between visits!!

So happy to be together!!!!!!!!!!!

Talking about the rest of the day............

After getting checked in, we headed on over to Magic Kingdom to "get our bearings!" It was overwhelming at first, but we all agreed that night that we were going to just go with the flow and take our time. With 11 people in the group, that was definitely the way to go to stay sane!!

As we walked down Main Street to the castle, we caught the end of a show and....fireworks. This seemed to be a trend of ours as the week progressed. As much as we all loved the fireworks, you, sweet Caroline, had a hard time with that. The noise of the fireworks still really scare you. You would crawl up in someones arms and hold your hands over your ears until it was over. One day you will enjoy them, girl!

We had heard we must ride Dumbo. So, we stood in the 4o minute line to make it happen. After this ride, we went right away to a cast member to find out about the FASTPASS!!! Boy, once we learned about those, we rarely had to wait in a line! Awesome idea on Disneys part!!

The teacups were another must do. The grandaddies were the brave ones and took you girls on this ride. All us mommies (and Daddy) just enjoyed watching. No spinning for us!!

This is just the beginning of lots of sleeping pictures. We were all exhaused by the end of the day (and sometimes in the middle of the day too!). Heading back to the hotel....for a good nights rest so we could start bright and early on Day Two!