Friday, December 31, 2010

November-Being Thankful!

I TRULY love the month of November. I love that our country takes aside a time to consider our blessings and say THANK YOU!! The hustle and bustle of December will soon be upon us, but this month feels so much simpler and focused on the purpose of being attribute,that when focused on, changes your entire perspective.

Caroline, your field trip was canceled in October for rain, so the school arranged for us to go to Gentry's farm the first of the month. Here you are, with your sweet new LES friends, Sarah Grace and Yasho at the class picnic.

Running out of the corn maze............

I just love your class this year, Caroline. We have met such neat families and oh, how we ADORE Mrs. Adcox....what a fine lady!!! Here I go with my thankfulness....I am so grateful that both of my girls started off their elementary years with her!!!

You two CONTINUE to adore your brother and want to "help" all the time!!! I love both of these shots I caught this month. Caleb, enjoy this loving now...I'm sure it won't always be this way ( girls could surprise me!!!)

We took a weekend trip (Caleb's first) with Mammi to Memphis. We wanted the Collier and Smith gang to meet Caleb AND we wanted to say goodbye to the Smiths...they are moving to ITALY!!! WE can't wait to hear all about their adventures. We just keep adding to our list of SKYPE friends!!!

Caroline, the Kindergartners do a Thanksgiving program. You were a pilgrim woman and it was such a precious play! I love that your school (even though it is a public school) talks about God in this program. Yet, another reason to be thankful!!!!!

We did a lot of cooking this the moment, I don't remember exactly what we were making, but I liked this shot. I have a strong feeling you were trying to tell Caitlyn what to do, Caroline, but it looks like you two are in deep conversation while you work away.....

The only group shot I got at Thanksgiving this year...I must have been too busy eating...or feeding!!! We actually celebrated twice..once in Springfield and here, at Mammi and Big Daddy's. I failed to get a picture of this, too, but Daddy and I ran in the Boulevard Bolt Thanksgiving morning. Daddy has been running for two years, but it was my first "race" in over 6 years and I survived!!! We want to start doing it as a family as you all get older.

Caleb, you and Price are finally starting to "notice" one another. Price loves to touch aren't so sure...

Those toes are soooo yummy!!!! begins...the countdown to Christmas. You two couldn't wait to decorate the house this year. We drug all the decorations out the day after Thanksgiving.

But, for now, it is still Thanksgiving, and I am counting my blessings................

Thursday, December 30, 2010


Celebrations was the one word that kept coming up as I was loading pictures for this month of October. We celebrated that the days got cooler, we celebrated Caleb's growth, we celebrated Caroline turning SIX, we celebrated fall and we celebrated one of your favorite holidays...Halloween!!!
Our new friend, Kira, began swimming lessons with Caleb....having the pool is wonderful, but it makes me NERVOUS!! You girls are very safe and careful and swim well, but "little man" may be a fearless one. Daddy and I wanted to make sure he learns as soon as possible. It really is amazing how the little ones take to the water!

Enjoying toys and lifting head off of floor.................

Caroline, you have wanted a Pump it Up Party for several years, so we finally took the plunge!! It was SUCH a fun party...with lots of tired kiddos at the end!!

Two of your best buddies...Paisley and Brooke.

More dear friends....the Dye girls!

The favorite gift from Mimi and Papa...your teaset!!!

Caleb sits in his Bumbo seat for awhile.........

MMMM...started cereal!!!!

All played out...asleep in your jumper, buddy!

Celebrating Fall at your school parties...

With your buddy, Michael....

Caleb REALLY enjoyed the parties!!!!

Carving the pumpkin with Daddy!!!!

Princess Leia, the CUTEST witch in the world and our sweet lil' pumpkin at Trunk or Treat with the grandparents!!!

All the cousins...minus Mariana and Josue' (Halloween was one of the first really hard and sad moments for just didn't feel right not having the Dominguez crew here!!!)

Fall is always such a fun and enjoyable time of the year!!!!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

September--Saying goodbye and more changes!

One thing is for certain...change is inevitable. It will never come easy for me....even good change is hard, but I am learning that with every change comes an opportunity for growth and thankfulness.
September brought a lot of change and, some changes were easier than Caleb sleeping in his crib (it took you a lot longer to "like" your bed than I anticipated), which brought more sleep to my eyes!! Some were extremely hard....saying goodbye to the Dominguez crew in some ways felt like a heartache, yet we all KNOW it is RIGHT and in God's plan!!! They had made the decision last summer to move to Cancun, Mexico to be able to be closer to Uncle Leoncio's family and for him to take a job with his brother in law. We have been so blessed to lived in the same city with our entire family for so long...
We spent the beginning of the month partying with friends and family to send them off with blessings and love. We spent as much time with them those last days as possible. It was SUCH a bittersweet time!

Caleb, you continue to change sooo quickly. I am truly trying to embrace every day with you...I know now how fast it goes! You are enjoying your big sisters so much and love to have them read to you. You are beginning to play with toys, but still LOVE to be held. You are such a delight to our whole family, sweet boy!!!

Within a week of the Dominguez crew arriving in Mexico, we figured out Skype. What a wonderful (and FREE) invention. We love talking and SEEING them this way!!! A true joy of living in an age of telecommunication!