Monday, August 15, 2011

Our FINAL day!!!!

Our final day was spent at SeaWorld! We debated on whether or not to actually go...we almost didn't because we thought we might want to hit Disney or Epcot one more time. However, I really thought you, girls, would like it because of your love of animals. We were sooo glad we made that decision and agreed it was a great way to end the trip!! I love this picture of you, Caroline!! Little flamingo.....

We should have bought these great hats...instead we just "used" them for a photo op!!

Caleb and Papa waiting on us to get wet on our favorite ride there, Journey to Atlantis. The lines were not nearly as long as at Disney, so we were able to ride it three times!!

Caleb, you were intrigued with the stingrays. We all were...such neat creatures!! The dolphins were also some of our favorite to watch.

Caleb, you really got into the shows and just clapped and clapped. It was so fun!!

It was amazing what they were able to teach the animals!!

Some of the talented trainers............

The Killer Whale show was the last show we saw.......and it fascinated us, as all the shows did!! It was so funny seeing the people scatter as they splashed their fins and soaked a whole section of the audience.

They had a whole "younger kids" area that had smaller roller coasters and rides, a huge playground and a merry go round. We ended the day at SeaWold here and made such fun memories!

Right before we left, I noticed a lady making artwork from children's handprints. I kept walking back and forth trying to decide if I wanted to do it and finally, took the plunge. I LOVED the end result...and, as you know, do every day, as they are hanging in the hallway!

You, girls, kept the artist company while she finished the pieces. She was so sweet to you both!

Caleb had to get a little snooze in before we headed back towards Magic Kingdom to end our trip.

We had to ride Thunder Mountain one last time before heading to the Electric Light Parade!!

As night fell, we found a spot on the road where the Parade would pass by. Mimi and Papa said this was one of their favorite memories of Disney when they brought Daddy and Denise years ago. What a perfect way to end our time at Disney.

A tired Daddy and his princesses!

I love this picture. You can see your arm waving at Cinderella, Caroline. She is one of the first things I think of when I think of the magic of Disney. It truly was one of the most magical trips I can remember taking....I think I actually enjoyed it more as a parent than I did as a child. I can't wait to go back in five or so more years with all the BOYS!!!!